Summer Challenge Kick off

Figaver Posts: 69 Member
This challenge is for anyone to join, no matter where you are in your journey. Let's make it an 8 week challenge, which will get us through the week of September 8th, with the final weigh in being on Monday September 15th.
Each Monday I'll create a new thread for that week, and on your weigh in day, post your results. This is how I will be posting mine:

SW(Starting Weight for the challenge): 255
CW(Current Weight for that week): 250
% Lost(Sw-Cw divided by SW x100): 2.0%

You don't have to post your weight, you can stick with just percentages if you want.

Sw: 262
Goal Weight for the Challenge: 240
Goal %: 8.4%
As a mini challenge for myself, I've decided to give up alcohol for the next 2 weeks. I seem to keep losing and gaining the same 5 pounds, and I'm wondering if that could be stalling me.

Whoever wants to join, just add your info to this thread and I'll have a list for next week's post. Let's keep each other positive, motivated, and accountable for the next 8 weeks!


  • Jim1960
    Jim1960 Posts: 194
    Thanks for starting this.

    SW: 373.1
    CW: 373.1
    GW: 350 (around 6%)
  • toez79
    toez79 Posts: 63 Member
    I'd like to join, thanks for starting it!

    SW: 237.6
    CW: 237.6
    GW: 222 (~7%)
  • sparacka
    sparacka Posts: 137 Member
    I'm in!

    SW: 161
    CW: 161
    GW: 150 (6.8%)
  • 17JayR
    17JayR Posts: 77 Member
    Add me to the challenge.
    SW: 162
    GW: 155 (4.3%)
  • LatinaGordita
    LatinaGordita Posts: 377 Member
    I'm in too!

    Challenge GW:155
  • bound4beauty
    bound4beauty Posts: 274 Member
    I'd like to join!

    SW - 204
    CW - 204
    GW - 192 (6%)
  • FIT_Goat
    FIT_Goat Posts: 4,224 Member
    Fine, I know I said I wouldn't do it, but I can't resist. I am in. But!!! I am setting a very moderate and small goal. That way I can focus on getting in shape above the weight loss itself. I'll also be using my trend-weight (not my scale weight), so that is harder to change dramatically.

    SW: 72.86 kg
    GW: 70.86 kg (2.74%)

    I have lost over 21% of my keto starting weight and about 29% of my heaviest weight ever. Based on my current estimates, that means I have lost over 71% of my excess weight since starting keto--79% percent of my excess from my heaviest). The biggest thing is that I am not feeling pressured. Every time I would get low (and not even this low), before, I would start feeling more and more pressure to break and eat "normally." Eventually, it would build up and I would quit. Then I would regain the weight. I can honestly say, I don't feel that way this time. I just feel like I've always felt when eating to satisfaction. It's like my body barely notices that I've lost all this weight.