how long b4 I can go back to work

Hello. How long was your recovery process. I really dont want to be out of work for 2 weeks. Can I get by with just 5 days to recover. I work at a desk job. So no heavy lifting, just driving to/from work. Need to know the general minimum needed to be out before I schedule my surgery. Im having the gastric sleeve.


  • adiggs2777
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    I took a week. I could have gone back earlier, but my job makes me crabby so I purposely took an extra two days. And my job, like yours is a desk job. I will say you may need to mind when you are eating at your job though. The first day I went back I had my one and only bout of nausea from being too long between my breakfast and next meal. So bring snacks if you need to.
  • garber6th
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    I have a desk job, and I took two weeks. I felt fine, just a little fatigued, but I am glad I took the two weeks to kind of get into a routine, since everything is new. See what your surgeon recommends and take that amount of time off.
  • pattycakes726
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    My doc said I could take 3-4 weeks off, but I went back to my desk job after two weeks. I had no pain, just some fatigue. Good luck!
  • mpweathe
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    I have a desk job. I had my surgery on Thursday and went back to work on Monday. So, it was four days for me including the day of the surgery.
  • ATXHeather
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    I had surgery on a Tuesday and went back to teaching on Monday. I drove myself. It was uncomfortable to drive until about Wednesday but manageable. I was on my feet for the 2 hour class but that was all I had to do that day. But, I came home to 2 kids who needed to be driven to swim team. I was back to regular routine with kids, cooking, errands, etc by Wednesday. Maybe you can go back half time after 1 week and then full time after 2 weeks. I was worn out even after the first week.
  • oStephhanie
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    I probably could have went back to work after a week, however I am lucky enough to have a job that pays 100% for short term, so I have off 4 1/2 weeks, as per the suggestion of my surgeon.

    I'm glad to have the extra time off, its helping me get a rhythm down with food, fluid, and exercise, so I can be really prepared for real life once i go back to work.

    Back to the grind next Monday!
  • stroynaya
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    I scheduled for 3 weeks off, but went back after 1 week. My surgeon said as long as I wasn't lifting anything or on pain meds, it was up to me. I did do shorter days (5-6 hrs instead of 8) the first week back because of the fatigue.
  • sarahViolet1977
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    My doctor wanted me out for 4 weeks. I also have a desk job and went back after two weeks. I'm a little tired but have been coping by getting up and walking around periodically to get my blood flowing.
  • pawoodhull
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    I was out for 2 weeks from my desk job. Physically I probably could have gone back earlier, but a friend who had the band said he went back earlier than his 2 weeks and wasn't really prepared for the food portion of things. He hadn't really got his head around the program. And then when he added the job, well he wasn't very successful. So he told me to take the full 2 weeks and make sure I knew exactly what the food requirements were going to be and how I was going to work that out at work. So I followed his advice and was very glad I did. There is a lot to learn and get comfortable with and I was very overwhelmed the first few weeks. Take the time you are alloted to get a good handle on what you need to do for your early success before going back to work.