How to NOT fall into the boyfriends food habits

Hi guys!

I am revisiting the MFP site as a way to loose the pesky 7-9lbs that have latched on since May 2014. UGH.

This is the thing. I just moved in with my boyfriend :) and am struggling with maintaining my own healthy diet.

1. I feel bad telling him there are certain things I cant or shouldnt eat, so sometimes I just eat them…try to only take a bite or two.
2. He doesnt keep healthy snacks on hand…but I am purchasing yogurt, baby carrots, high fiber cereal etc. Still I find myself having a sip of the soda or a handful of chips. This week its bites of the brownie I wish he wouldnt have bought at the wine festival.
3. I KNOW IT IS MY ISSUE and i have to control and curb the cravings for the unhealthy stuff we have in the home. But I do want him to eat healthy too so I am excited to turn it around a bit food wise.

Just reaching out to see if anyone has any good tips on not falining into eating like the boyfriend. Specially when it comes to unhealthy snacks. I have a feeling that the 7-9lbs would have been avoided if I wasnt drinking the beer, eating the pizza, ice cream, and brownies.


  • ramurray8
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    oh, it's tough to not be tempted by a BF's food choices. I would suggest sticking to those smaller portions, introduce more "you" foods, and try to get active together.

    It's corny, but it's fun to walk/job with your bf. We used to go to the YMCA together and even though we weren't really spending that time talking to each-other, it was nice to know that we were being active together.

    I can resist my hubby's food all week long, but kinda lose it on the weekend. Its tough to eat a chicken sandwich with salad while he is eating a burger & fries!! But I try to make small adjustments, like a burger + salad or Chicken + fries. It's not ideal, but it's better than not trying.
  • determined24girl
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    I can't offer any help, but i can say that I'm in the same boat. My BF works thirds and I do so good while he's at work or asleep. But every other week he has 4 days off and switches around his schedule. So when he's hungry he will go to McDonald's or something and always asks if i want some thing. And It's just so much easier to grab a quick bite than to cook. I have been doing better the past couple of weeks though. I have found that if I eat before he gets up, or start cooking before he gets hungry, he won't get fast food and I won't want it because I'm already full. I hope that made sense lol.
  • MrsSchimmy
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    I used to have this issue with my husband. We are like minded in that we both LOVE working out but our eating habits are very different.

    However, this wasn't an issue after I actually told him what I was trying to accomplish. We make most of our food at home anyway but when I asked him for help in steering clear of my temptations, he understood and has been a big part of my success afterwards.

    My biggest piece of advice is let those around you know exactly what you are trying to do. Let them know how they can help you reach your goals but be willing to compromise. For example, we still eat pizza. But my husband makes sure to get me a thin crust. We both win!
  • ipprincess46
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    Thanks for sharing about this. My BF loves to eat! I don't always want to be the party pooper. At the same time, I know that it makes him smile that his middle aged gf looks kinda cute in a bathing suit :) I like to be trim and I have a hip injury that requires that I don't get too chunky.

    So I shared with him that I really need to stay trim to stay healthy--I focus on the healthy part and not make it about anything else...Sometimes I have a bite or two of his treats but he knows that I cannot match him bite for bite.

    Also, we live separately and I try to do my best when we are apart.
  • goldenbear22
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    I did not see know how to locate my post until now. WOW ladies thank you so much for the advise :smile:

    I definitely told him my goals on loosing weight and he has been very supportive asking me about what foods I can eat and being mindful of eating healthier himself.

    He is one of those lucky *kitten* that doesn't work out and remains thin but I recently purchased a bike and we have been going one rides together which is nice. He has even joined me twice in my morning work out sessions.

    And the best part is that being on MFP has helped me loose 4 lbs in 10 days! when I had not been able to since May. 4 more lbs to go!!!

  • Arizona_C
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    when it comes to my BF, he's doing lots of sport and is really lean -but he loves rich foods.

    Being on a diet, I normally cook the same meal for us (minestrone, ratatouille, salade de tomate/ tuna...) and just before serving, I add cream or olive oil to his portion, and leave mine in the original, low cal version.

    Like that, we share a meal, no reason for any of us to be frustrated by our individual wantings not being met.

    For snacks, I bring a bowl of dried raisins, almonds and chocolate, we both nibble in the bowl, and can pick the parts we want.: me, mostly the almonds, him lots of chocolate. Sharing, but still getting what we want each of us...

    Hope these ideas helps you...
  • lindustum
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    I think that you should happily eat his foods, but just in your portion size. I never divided food into his/mine. I certainly am not feeding on carrots and would prefer the brownie any day. What's wrong about that? If you're hitting your calorie goals, it's fine. Also, follow your instincts. I have often eaten sweets because they meant something "nice" but actually I never enjoyed them that much. I have learned to throw away a suberb looking piece of cake that I just don't enjoy. Yeah of course it's a shame to go to waste- but you are answering to no one but yourself.
  • Sarahclaybaugh
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    Oh man! I totally feel you! My boyfriend is like a non-stop eating machine who just can't put on weight! He is actually trying to gain some weight, while I am trying to lose, which can be super tricky. We both have committed to eating healthier overall, though. I have a few suggestions that have helped me be successful in my endeavors.

    1. We have a "naughty cupboard". My mantra is "out of sight out of mind" so by putting all of his naughty snacks away in a place that I don't go or look they definitely don't tempt me AS MUCH (that is not to say I don't sneak in there sometimes and grab a few treats, but it is way less often than if they were out or mixed with the healthy snacks). We also recently got him a cookie jar for his sweet treats, which, again, just keeps it out of my line of sight, for me this is the biggest life saver.

    2. We meal plan and grocery shop together. When I plan meals, I usually double the portion size for him, and try to add healthy fats to his meal that I may not necessarily add to mine (usually some additional carbs like rice/pasta/potatoes). I also only cook or prepare enough of these additions for him to eat so there aren't a ton of leftovers for me to snack on. We always try to compromise on what we are eating, so maybe it's enchiladas, but using chicken and low fat cheese instead of pork and full fat cheddar, simple decisions like that ahead of time make meal times easier. I also try to find super tasty healthy option to keep at home that both of us like and I don't feel bad about eating.

    3. When we go grocery shopping together, when we buy snacks for him, like chips, he now tries to be a bit more conscious about what he's snacking on, and make healthier choices like pop chips or whole grain crackers. We've found a few of these things that we can compromise on, and I feel a lot less guilty when I do indulge. He may not put on weight, but that does not mean what he eats won't impact his health long term. Educating him on the harms of saturated fats and sugar intake over extended periods of time could be helpful. Just because he CAN be eating these things, doesn't mean he SHOULD. Lord knows you don't want to be the one caring for him if he winds up with clogged arteries and/or type II diabetes.

    At the end of the day it is really about both of you being on the same page and communicating with him what you may be struggling with and what your goals are. When you do this, and help him to understand the WHY of a healthy lifestyle, rather than just the WHAT, so that he can support you fully.
  • This is the hardest thing for me. My BF always wants to eat out, and I still struggle with getting what I should eat vs. getting what I really want at a restaurant. But if I'm cooking it's always healthy and well balanced. Though he would be totally fine with a frozen pizza. The only way I can really rationalize any of it is eating a smaller portion, drinking lots of water after and making sure we go on a walk. We go on walks together multiple times a week, which is great!