Hardware and Software: What types of fitness technology are you using?

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In an earlier thread, someone asked about Fitbits. I thought we might go over what technology has been successful for us in the past and what are we looking at for the future.

In the past:

Omron Pedometer: Mine got a bit old and has since been retired. For someone without a smartphone, I recommend at least getting one of these types of devices and recording how many steps you take in a day. 10,000k + steps per day is my recommendation.

Fitbit Zip: Smart pedometer that I carried around since last May. The only problem with this technology is that I managed to break mine. Twice. The first time, the Fitbit people (excellent customer service) replaced. The second time, I decided to change to a wrist band. Reports back to the Fitbit app on my smartphone. Syncs with MFP to keep a record of my activity.


Fitbit Flex: Smart pedometer carried around on my wrist. I got a bunch of colored bands in different colors that I change on a regular basis. Seems to work fine. Again, reports back to Fitbit app on smartphone. Syncs with MFP. I have really liked how the Fitbit devices have worked and reported. Durability is an issue.

Zephyr HxM BT Wireless Heart Rate Sensor: I've used this with my Strava bike app to monitor my heart rate during bike rides. I think this addition helps with calculating my actual physical effort.

Strava App: Bike app. Basically uses GPS on smartphone to record my bike rides. Syncs with MFP to report bike rides as fitness activity.

MFP: Enough said.

Generally, I have used technology a lot during my current fitness kick. Technology has made losing weight a lot easier.



  • TopazCutie
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    Hardware: Fitbit (love this thing!), Polar HRM for workouts.
    Software: MFP!
  • 12qw34
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    I have a pedometer from Weight Watchers I put on when I walk my dog. This motivates me. Otherwise I rely on the calories burned from the machines I use.
    I joined MFP in July I am hoping in the new year, and with the help of this challenge I will log better and be more mindful of eating meals and less unstructured snacks throughout the day!
  • shadow2soul
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    • Fitbit Zip: I bought it in April 2013. It motivated me to move more. I loved the way it synced with MFP. At the time I liked the idea of a Fitbit, but wasn't sure if I'd love it so I went with the cheapest model for trial purposes. I fell in love. The calories burned were underestimated for me (I know this because I lost more than MFP or Fitbit said I should even while eating everything Fitbit gave me). I sent it through the wash once. It still works. However, my mom uses it now.
    • Fitbit Flex: I bought it in Jan 2014. I won't get into specifics, but I had really bad luck with this model. I had one replaced in June or July. Earlier this month, I had 2 dead chargers for it. I however did love it when it worked. My luck with it just sucked.

    • Garmin VivoFit: When my last Flex charger decided to stop working, I went to the store to get either a new Flex or a One. However, while I was there, I saw that the Garmin VivoFit was on sale for $75. I went ahead and bought it. I love the fact that it has a display, I can wear it swimming, and I don't have to fiddle with a charger. I've been comparing days data between my old fitbit logs and this new garmin information. The Garmin seems to be giving me fewer calories than fitbit did. I haven't had it long enough though for me to do a comparison of expected loss vs actual loss vs intake.
    • Pyle Sports HRM: My cheapo HRM that I use for workout videos. It still works but I'm going to need to replace it soon. Currently the only thing holding up the chest strap during my workouts is my sports bra. The band on the chest strap is way too big and I can't find any smaller ones for it. I'm debating between getting the Polar FT7 or a Garmin HRM that will sync with the VivoFit.
    • MFP
    • Zombies,Run!: Fun running app that turns running into a game. Have to run to collect supplies to build up your base. There is a story line to it and you play the part of " Runner 5 ". When you hear a zombie, you have to increase your speed to avoid it.
  • GrammyPeachy
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    Polar FT4 HRM : I like it!

    MFP & I plan to use C25K as soon as my weight allows.
  • mimi4janda
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    I am planning on buying a Garmin vivofit as a late Christmas gift. I need the extra motivation to move more (I have a desk job).
  • LeelooX2014
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    I SO want a fitbit! I may wait for the newer models coming out after the first of the year. I may make it a goal reward. I just got a nice new digital scale which is awesome. The only downside was that my current one was showing my weight at five pounds less all this time! Dang I can't win!
  • misslisamo
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    My company is providing everyone a Fitbit Zip in January so I'm glad to hear others have found it helpful. Can't wait to get it!
  • dramaqueen45
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    I use MFP for software.
    I use pintrist to look up new and interesting recipes.
    Phone apps include Move-it, Map my Walk and Runtastic when I ride my trike.
    I tried the Polar HRM but could not get it to sync with the app no matter what I tried - tried everything it suggested including changing apps, changing out the battery, everything, so I gave up and I still continue to log exercise calories on MFP. The thing is, most people on here say that MFP overestimates calories burned, but the one or two times my HRM did work it gave me a lot more calories, so it's either overestimating even more or maybe MFP isn't that far off, OR it's underestimating. I would think that the HRM was pretty accurate since it is monitoring the heart rate.
  • collinsmom10
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    I just got the FITBIT Charge
  • Shell4624
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    Hardware: Sport Line 660 HRM for workouts.
    Software: MFP! Logging everything!!!
    Misc Tools: Food Scale, Journal, Measuring Tape, Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, Treadmill
  • walking_woman
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    I am going the cheap route. The iPhone has a step calculator, it connects with iHealth and MFP. I am also using the Sleep Calculator and MapMyWalk for now.

    What I am thinking about is an eliptical for home. Mind you they are expensive so I may forgo that one for now. Finding low impact fast ways to work out is on my list. My knees and hips are taking a toll with my current weight.
  • Soliasan
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    Hardware: Fitbit One, just started using this.
    Software: MFP, I don't know if this counts but I follow workout videos on YouTube from Fitness Blender. The site was suggested in another forum here and I like their format.
  • 221shannon
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    Hardware: Fitbit Flex (just got it for Christmas but I really like the challenges already), I also have a Polar HRM that I don't use much anymore but I might dig it out again.
    Software: MFP, Zombies, Run!, Map My Run
  • KPenguin73
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    Hardware: fitbit flex- I've had for a year and like it. I also use a Garmin GPS watch during my runs and bike rides which downloads to Strava
    Software: Fit bit dashboard linked to MFP, and Strava although I had been using Running Ahead before and I think I liked it better... giving it a try in 2015
  • azkunk
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    Hardware: had a Polar H7 but had problems getting it to sync. I am going to try to get it working again or buy a new one . I loved that it sync'd real time with Endomondo. I am thinking of a Fitbit Charge HR or Apple Watch but I think I'll give the HRM another chance first.
    Software: MFP, Endomondo, Pinterest
  • energi
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    Software: I use endomondo on my phone when I bike outside or walk. I just started using an app called Gym Genius and it is great for planning and recording my weightlifting sessions - it's got progress graphs and I'm finding it really motivating.

    Hardware: I use the built in HR monitors on the gym equipment. I'm not really into counting steps so no Fitbit type thingy.
  • melmid1986
    Ive got one of those Wii U monitors - its quite good. Counts all my steps, even takes into account the pace im going and whether its uphill, downhill etc - even raining.
    Going to look up fitbit now though as it seems an interesting one
  • NJD2885
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    want to get a fitbit. Hoping to have the money in March. until then its just MFP
  • lexbubbles
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    Nike+Running on my very old and beat up iPhone 4
    A cheap HRM that I wear occasionally whilst running to keep tabs on things. Sadly I can't wear it during BJJ :(

    That's it.
  • Laoch_Cailin
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    Polar FT7
    Hubby bought me a RogerBlack fitness stationery bike :D