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Paleo in College?

Does anyone have any tips on going Paleo at college? Especially concerning the stressful environment and the unhealthy cafeteria food?


  • emilymean
    emilymean Posts: 159 Member
    I wish I had some advice for you but if you're stuck eating the cafeteria food on a plan and can't afford or get to the store you're pretty much at their mercy. If you can maybe talk to the person in charge, I'm sure they have options for students who might be lactose intolerant or unable to eat breads, etc. Otherwise salads, vegtables, boiled eggs, porkrinds and beef jerky (which isn't cheap) boiled chicken. Just work around their menu the best you can or talk to someone. I know my daughter ate so much salad with eggs and ham she'll have nothing to do with them now. Good luck.
  • each_day_stronger
    each_day_stronger Posts: 191 Member
    my college used to have a stirfry station where you could cook up your own stirfrys which I feel like could be super useful. Also they had an egg station where you could get omelettes and stuff. Also I find it is like way cheaper to move off campus if you can! those meal plans are super expensive and not worth it. There's also a fair amount you can do with a crockpot in a dorm room although I'm sure it isn't always allowed. Some colleges have like collective kitchens in the dorms, maybe try there?
  • MiRatlhed
    MiRatlhed Posts: 168 Member
    I helped my disabled son through his first couple years of college so here are some tips. He had a small fridge and it fit a good amount of food in it and his college did have some shared big kitchens that you could sign up for. Find a local grocery that has good produce and stock up on veggies that you can cut up and ziploc for a week at a time. You only have to ration for 5 or so days. Any hard veggies you like. Boil a couple dozen eggs while you are cutting up the veggies, put them in cold water and once the water starts to boil good cover and turn off the heat and leave the pan right on the burner for 12 mins. Then rinse in cold water till cooled. Those take minimal space and a couple eggs in the morning is quick and good protein. Try to find a online source for Jerky that you can afford, lasts a long time and is great lean protein. Almonds and almond butter with apples my friend will go far....haha Those kick my hunger right away but the apples have a lot of sugar so not too often. Many variants of Chicken and Turkey now too. Look for a small butcher shop possibly close by that will help with meat sources. His MSU campus had different stations that you could eat at that had healthy salad bars. If this is a option you could do the stir fry and omelet stations as mentioned above. Easy peasy if you do not let temptation get the best of you. There is lots of goodies in those cafeterias too. You will find the only place you need to go in the grocery is produce and meat, spices and broth. haha
  • punchgut
    punchgut Posts: 210 Member
    I recommend you read this.