Weekly Weigh In #2 Jan. 8th - 15th

kayjosh2422 Posts: 864 Member
Post your weight and tell us how your doing. Are you struggling? What areas do you think you need improvement in? Is there something we as a group can do to help?


  • FixItDuck
    FixItDuck Posts: 112 Member
    Challenge Start weight 87.3 kg (192lb)
    8 January weight 86.2kg (190lb)
    That's 1.1kg down (or 2lb), so I'm happy with that.

    My focus has been on making sure I log what I'm eating and I have, every day except Sunday. Even when I stay within my calories, some of my food choices are poor; I'm not feeling particularly motivated to address that yet, even though I know I will feel so much better when I do.

    Also, pushing myself to exercise - I've finished week one of C25K, and plan to do day 1 week two tonight. I've really struggled to finish the run part of it each time; I could walk for hours but running is where my poor fitness shows up. Been doing some resistance too, but I'm a bit disorgainised there so something to work on over the coming weeks.

    How has the first week of 2015 been for everyone else?
  • kayjosh2422
    kayjosh2422 Posts: 864 Member
    Congrats on your loss! That is wonderful. I weigh on Fridays so I am in hopes of a 2 pound loss also. Keeping my fingers crossed. I am still logging all food, but like you I stay within my calories but I know sometimes my choices are not the best. I also am struggling with my water intake. In the summer I have no problem but with the cold weather I am always freezing so the last thing I want to do is drink cold water and I am not real fond of warm or room temp water.
  • GrammyPeachy
    GrammyPeachy Posts: 1,723 Member
    starting weight: June 5- 313.2 lbs
    C. starting weight: Dec.26- 231.4 lbs

    Jan. 01- 229.0 lbs
    Jan. 08- 226.8 lbs (2.2 lbs lost)

    C.G. weight: Easter 2015- 211 lbs
    U.G. weight: ? 2015- 153 lbs

    (*) 86.4 lbs down! 74 lbs left to lose! (*)
  • lwdllc
    lwdllc Posts: 235 Member
    Start Weight on Jan 1 - 179
    - Current Weight Jan 8 - 174.5

    4.5 LBS IN THE FIRST WEEK!!! (shows how bad i had been before I started tracking!!!)

    Hard works paying off! I'm happy and super motivated, my 2015 goal is to log EVERYTHING i eat and this weekend will be the first time it gets tough - were going away to the beach, I'm not planning to be super strict, but I am planning to log log log and walk walk walk the beach to not let myself slide backwards.

    Keep it up everyone!!
  • LeeAnnW23
    LeeAnnW23 Posts: 15 Member
    Jan. 01- 213.0 lbs
    Jan. 08 - 209.5 lbs!
  • evolution328
    evolution328 Posts: 83 Member
    Starting weight : 167

    Current weight: 162.4

    That means I'm down 4.6lbs in one week. I'm thinking some of that has to be water weight or something. I've been counting calories and exercising so I'm just going to keep that up.
  • mkirby
    mkirby Posts: 30 Member
    edited January 2015
    Jan 1st 239.8
    Jan 8th 233.9

    Thats a 5.9lb loss. Im putting that down to just returning to eating normally after the december binge. Next week will be the real test as my bike training starts in earnest so i have to be really carefull about how much, what type and when i eat.

    3lb more and i will be at my dec 1st weight.
  • susu2u
    susu2u Posts: 11 Member
    jan 1 223.9
    jan 8 220.1
    need to drink more water
    and get up and go kickboxing
  • walking_woman
    walking_woman Posts: 127 Member
    Morning everyone :)

    This is working :)

    Jan 1 - 234.8
    Jan 8 - 232.4 (2.4 loss)

    Now to get the numbers up for leaving footprints. I know now what I do in an average day. It is time to up it and see what happens :)
  • mrsmuckster
    mrsmuckster Posts: 444 Member
    SW: 237.7
    EGW: 181.9
    UGW: 163

    Jan 1 -201.9
    Jan 8 201.3 (.6 loss) after New Years - I'll take it
  • gracielu7
    gracielu7 Posts: 58 Member
    1/1: 144.4
    1/8: 142.4
    yoga tonighttt :smile:
  • doitnow1218
    doitnow1218 Posts: 295 Member
    1/1 - 159 lbs.
    1/8 - 156.6 lbs.

    Loss - 2.4 lbs.
  • Want2bthin135
    Want2bthin135 Posts: 30 Member
    1/1 - 197 lbs.
    1/8 - 194.2 lbs.

    Loss - 2.8 lbs
  • jennb3056
    jennb3056 Posts: 21 Member
    1/1 - 171.5
    1/8 - 169.0

    Loss - 2.5!

    I'm doing 30 DS, and didn't start until 1/5 so I probably could have lost more if I had started on 1/1...but I'll take it! :smile:
  • CanderWilver
    CanderWilver Posts: 19 Member
    1/1- 160 lbs
    1/8- 158.6 lbs

    Loss- 1.4 lbs

    I'm still struggling with wanting to mindlessly eat, especially at night. I stocked up on decaf teas so I'm hoping that that will help a bit with occupying my mind/hands at night. It's also worse when I'm tired so I try to go to bed earlier.

  • fairyrosebud
    fairyrosebud Posts: 13 Member
    1/1-152.0 lbs
    1/8-149.4 lbs

    I lost 2.6 pounds this week!
  • meeksmommy
    meeksmommy Posts: 11 Member
    12-26-14. 262
    01-08-15 254.2 (7.8 lbs lost in 2 weeks!)
    Easter goal 235
    Goal 170
  • Amrosha
    Amrosha Posts: 14 Member
    1/1 - 162 lbs
    1/8 - 160 lbs

    Still working with "what a portion" really is, lol! I am struggling with wanting to snack during the day. However, I am enjoying the energy levels that are up and the the lightness of not feeling to stuffed in my own skin! Congrats to everyone's hard work this week!
  • Staffspec
    Staffspec Posts: 11 Member
    1/1 - 187.6
    1/8 - 185.6
    I lost 2 pounds this week!

  • Soliasan
    Soliasan Posts: 30 Member
    1/1 - 179 lbs
    1/8 - 177.6 lbs
    Loss: 1.4 lbs

    MFP Start: 191 lbs
    Easter goal: 159 lbs
    Ultimate goal: 150 lbs