New Year, New Goals, New CHALLENGE! 2015-Eat my DUST!

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Hey everyone!

Have any clever challenge names?!? If not, no biggie. 12 week 2015 challenge is fine LOL as long as the scale heads in the right direction.

I want some exercise buddies... and it's a new year. who's in!? See my new picture!? That was my FIRST headstand! (Well actually the second. Wardrobe Malfunction with the first. LOL)

Looking for people to join in for the newest, BESTEST challenge around! LOL... Seriously, Are y'all ready to kick some BUTT this year? Seriously... butt kicks are a GREAT workout! I digress. If 2014 didn't go as planned or you ended the year heavier than you had hoped... Don't despair, let's get back on track! If you ended the year on the "good foot" then lets keep that ball rolling and keep the pounds decreasing (or increasing... if that's your thing )


  • feliperss
    feliperss Posts: 35 Member

    I'm back and would like to join the new challenge! When does it start? :)
  • FitterBody
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    Me? I like the idea of "Eat my dust in 2015!" as the Challenge name! :smile: Prompted my FL and they will hopefully prompt those who expressed an interest before Xmas so we are good to go! Love the Headstand! (*)
  • Claire8614
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    Is this the challenge we are meant to join Fitterbody?
  • KA___
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    I'm in, thanks fb☺
  • spideywebb77
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    I am in. got some regression to deal with . :D
  • mrsduke2924
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    Ooh can I play? Please? I got a boss to beat :)
  • suefromgrays
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    Woo hoo I love this :-)
  • east2west14
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    Welcome back feliperss!! Yes Claire this is the challenge :). Welcome everyone!
  • ChrisM8971
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    I am in thanks fb
  • I'm in! Hi everyone :)
  • slimyouth
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    I'm in too.
  • feliperss
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    Thanks east2west! Looking forward to another challenge :)
  • gonabfit
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    Hi everyone!! So glad to have all of you here! :smile: The challenge can *officially* start next Monday if you all need more time. I have already started but I needed a jump start and wanted to keep going while the momentum moved me!

    FB Thanks for the compliment on the headstand! :blush:

    Soooo I'll go over the details tomorrow. I'm EXHAUSTED! But basically, we weigh in every week, try to encourage each other, and problem solve issues as they arise. Everyone here is pretty positive and uplifting (in this particular group - not sure about all of MFP! lol)
  • My housemate smashed my glass scales by accident.. but I have a new set arriving tomorrow! Hopefully they'll not be mean.. :o
  • JoyLaine
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    Count me ~ gotta keep the momentum going!
  • Spambo16
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    I'm back! My time AWOL over the holidays was fun, but ready to get back to a better me!
  • SkinnyBubbaGaar
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    Count me in.
  • KDiddy27
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    I would like to join, too!
  • KA___
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    Any more details please?
  • NicolaMichelle93
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    I'm in! Sounds great :)