I have slightly high cholestral and I read oat meal helps with that, but oatmeal had 150 calories so when I eat it I always go over my 1200 calories. Any suggestions I do love oatmeal.


  • Hi! Newbie oatmeal lover here (newbie to MFP, not oatmeal!).

    That's a tough call you describe. Can't lower the calories of oatmeal (unless you're slathering it in butter, raisins, and maple syrup (yum yum))! The only thing to do to hit that very low 1200 ceiling is to cut portions or cut out something else.

    Maybe split the oatmeal portion in half. Eat half then wait 15 minutes to see if you're still hungry before diving into the second half. Or save the second half for a snack later. One breakfast alternative I like is brown rice and raisins. Although I'm not sure how the calorie count compares to oatmeal. Also buckwheat.

    Good luck!
  • Tea_Mistress
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    Quaker oats do 100 calorie plain oatmeal packets :) I usually flavour them with cinnamon + cocoa powder
  • Quaker oats do 100 calorie plain oatmeal packets :) I usually flavour them with cinnamon + cocoa powder

  • Love the cinnamon gets my sweet tooth love it on popcorn
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    Quick oats are lower in calories than steel cut. I love oatmeal. Usually have 1/2 c quick oats cooked w 1 c unsweetened almond milk with a tbsp jam in the mornings for a total of 205 cal. It's filling and delish and super nutritious!
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    I recently started making the overnight oats. When I began dieting we kept our breakfast portions to about 200 calories. Used water and some fresh fruit to sweeten at first and reduced portion size. If you don't already use a food scale, this could help with accurate portion sizes. Made a big difference for hubby and I in portion control.Best of luck to you.
  • Hi
    Almond milk goes nicely with it. Remember the low GI in the oats means that you would save on snacking calories later in the day. Perhaps choose a less sugary fruit to top with too.
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    I stick to 1200 cals. per day and eat 1/2 cup old fashioned oats every morning. It's truly the foundation to my day. For a long time I added 1/2 a banana for some sweetness but cinnamon works too. These days I do add a bit of sugar but I measure everything very carefully and eat meagerly at lunch. My oatmeal stays with me a good 4-5 hours most days before I'm really, really hungry.
  • I use 1/2 cup oatmeal and about 1 cup unsweetened almond milk and any fresh fruit or berries are delicious on it <3
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    I eat steel cut oats with little brown sugar and crasins. My calorie range is 1200 and rarely went over. Hope you find what works for you.
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    I eat oatmeal almost every day. 1/2 c. and I usually add fruit. Cinnamon would be good too. I am using 1200 cals and I only go over when I eat larger portions of comfort food. It's all about portions and small meal throughout the day. You should be eating more in the morning and afternoon and lighter at night anyway is my thought. Good luck.
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    Try overnight oats. 1/3 cup oats, 150gm Greek yoghurt ; (nestle ski soleil mango has 90 cals and low sugar) 1/3 cup of filtered water. 176 cals, high protein, low sugar(7g). I add tsp Chia seeds (34 cals). Stir together and cover overnight in fridge.
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    During the winter I can't give up my oatmeal. I do the overnight steel cut oats like others. I put 1/2 c in a canning jar and add my almond milk. Then the next morning I zap in micro for a bit and add some fruit on top. Amazing!

    I used to make it in my rice cooker with a timer but it made so much I was tempted to eat more than my 1/2 c portion. I think the one serving in the jar really helped me.
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    On the days that you exercise you could have the oatmeal, this way you are increasing the lowering effect. Because both are good for lowering cholesterol, and your exercise is creating more calories to consume .... Which is what you need if by adding oatmeal your going over.
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    Recently started to add a 1/2 to 1 tsp of dark chocolate cocoa powder to my overnight oats about once a week. Finding g it helps to satisfy my chocolate cravings. It tastes great with cherries or banana.
  • I started eating oatmeal and my cholesterol dropped 50 points.
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    I eat Bobs Red Mill oats, 190 calories in 1/2 cup. It's a very hearty oatmeal and most times I can't eat the entire portion.