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    Today's motivation: for the first time in forever, when I look down I can see my toes. I was in the shower, looked down and briefly panicked thinking what in the world is that on my tub, and when they moved it hit me: 10 piggly wigglies smiling up at ME! Celebrate small victories indeed :smile:

    Great Victory :)
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    My motivation for this week.

    The spreadsheet totals all the weight loss. Staying the same weight is fine. Gaining weight removes pounds from the group total.

    So my motivation for the week is to not be the person to lessen the number of pounds lost :)

    I reached my goal. I dropped just under a pound. Thus I did not make the total go up I contributed to it going down :)

    Other victories - 10 Day Streak of logging everything and keeping a steady pace of leaving foot prints.

    Next Goal is to drink more water each day. One victory at a time while keeping up with my past successes :)
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    This is great!