What's your rate of loss?

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Hey ladies- I'm trying to lose about 20 pounds, I've already lost 5. I'm curious what rate of loss you ladies see? My MFP has me eating 1220 cal a day, and losing 1 pound a week. I lost 2.5 in the first 2 weeks on here, and then last week I lost only .2 pounds. I've also lost close to 10 inches. Does that sound about right? Should I be losing more? It feels super slow to me, but I'm trying to focus on the long term.... Not that easy for me!


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    Wow! Those are some big numbers! I wouldn't take it down, I'd be worrying about it going too fast if anything.
  • Ellaskat
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    Huh. I'm surprised to hear that bonniejo. Thanks for the perspective. Ill try to shift my head a bit.
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    At the moment I'm losing at a similar rate as you. I definitely wouldn't try losing more - Remember that you don't want to spend the rest of your life being hungry. I think losing less and taking a few weeks longer, but not suffering through it is the way to go! :)
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    Eh, I'm lazy. Eat ~1400/day and am not moving the scale. But I'm about 126. So I figure as long as its not up.... And out

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    As long as you are moving the scale and are happy with your calorie intake I think you are okay. I suspect, at some point you'll have to add 100-200 calories a day and incorporate some activity. And watch macros, and get a food scale...
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    Hi there, The loss you describe is excellent! You should not be losing faster than that. And 10 inches! Wow! I would be ecstatic. Enjoy the glory and keep doing what you are doing. Exercise really helps as well and boost your metabolism. Well done!
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    I have 18lbs to lose, lost 1 so far. I went completely off the tracks during the holidays and just put all this weight on in 8 weeks. I'm fairly active so I'm trying to find that balance between fueling my body right but still allowing the scale to go down... Need some encourangement!
    Good work so far ladies :)
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    I lost about 15lbs total at a rate of loss of an average 1 lb a week, but some weeks the scale hardly budged and others the scale went down 3 lbs. This seems like a cycle for my body.

    On a side note, I do know that when I first started MFP it gave me the standard 1200 calorie goal which wasn't sustainable for my 5'9 body. After struggling to meet an unrealistic goal and failing (and binging), I slowly upped that goal so that I was still "losing" but not as quickly. I now consider this to be a huge factor in my success. I have doubts about MFP calorie recommendations so I'd suggest at least double checking your goals against another website's caloric calculator.
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    I totally agree about going slow! I think that's the only reason I've had any success--I didn't have any major expectations about time and took it slow and steady. I've lost almost 40lbs in a year. Some weeks I'd be down a pound or more and some I would gain a little, but it always came back down eventually.
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    My weight loss is really slow... I m taking 1200 calories/ day n hardly reduce 1 lb / 2 weeks...
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    When I first started losing weight while working out I would see about 2 pounds of loss in a week. After a month of seeing that type of loss, I thought I'd lose that much each week and set my goal to be reached in six months. Setting such an unrealistic goal thankfully didn't blow me out of the water, when I didn't reach it. I stopped losing 2 pounds a week. Sometimes it would be one, then sometimes none or gains. It took me 1 year and 6 months to reach my goal, but could have done it faster if I would have known all the things I have learned during this journey.

    I used to think if I just worked out to Insanity or something harder it would come off faster. I now realize it is not correct thinking. Food affects our bodies more than we realize and after changing my eating habits lost 6.4 pounds in 11 days. Just by changing the food I ate. We cannot exercise our way out of a bad diet. Going to be stepping people through changing their eating habits at http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/103019-revitalized-bodies group on MFP.

    If you workout to Insanity or something intense like it, you will be burning muscle instead of fat. If you do the right type of workout you will burn fat and by also changing what you eat you will see amazing results!