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Hi I'm Chris. Im 49 , and post Menapause. Having a hard time getting off the extra 30 pounds I've gained during the change . It seems to be all in the stomach ! I exercise like crazy and try to watch what I eat but don't seem to get anywhere :-(really would like to see a lot of this off before we go on our first vacation in two years this summer!


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    HI Chris - I just posted some great information about this in my post about the challenge. Take a look at it and see if its something your interested in joining.
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    Hi Chris, the stomach area seems to become a fat magnet at this age. If you stick at it - logging your food and exercising - I'm sure you'll be fit and ready for vacation this summer. MFP is a great place to get motivated and get encouraged. :) Jo
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    Hi Chris,
    Welcome to the group...I'm 55 and post menopausal too... I lost nearly 40 lbs. a couple of years ago, but 10 has crept back on, and the tummy and but definitely found those extra lbs. MFP is definitely an asset when we're all looking at becoming fitter.
    Good to have you here.
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    I'm struggling w that darn scale! It won't budge n I've been eating between 1200-1500 calories a day n weights n cardio.
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    Hi Everyone I am a new member today. I am 52 and fully menapausal, I have severe hot flashes at night while I am sleeping and suffer from terrible insomnia...I find that on the days I don't exercise above my usual 30 minute walks with my dog the hot flashes are worse.and on the days I do get up early 5:30 am to work out I feel much better. Before Christmas I hit 199 but now I am back to 210 I love this site and it is really helping me get back on track....
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    Hello Ladies....welcome soontobefitt!!! << love your name :)