Breakfast Ideas???

I have always had a hard time with breakfast. I know I need to incorporate more protein but I am not really an egg person. My usual breakfast is about 50g of bread with some cheese and a nectarine. Although this equates to about 45g of carbs, the sugar from the nectarine keeps spiking my bs. Any good thoughts for incorporating more protein? TiA


  • cmabnx
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    i have a serving of steel cut oatmeal with an egg and blueberries. i cook the oatmeal as directed, then add an egg and mix it like crazy, then cook about a minute more. stir. add blueberries. stir. delicious and so filling. you don't really taste the egg but it makes the oatmeal super creamy and you get extra protein. been eating this every day now for a couple months.
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    If I'm up early enough to eat breakfast (lunch is served at work at 11, and I oftentimes wake up around 9:30-10:15), I'll eat 28 grams of peanuts (cocktail or dry roasted w/ salt). 5g of carbs, 17g of fat, 7g of protein.

    On the weekends, if I'm really hungry around that time, I'll do 3 eggs and 4 slices of bacon. 1-2g carbs, 39g fat, 35g protein.

    As far as 'keeps spiking your bg', do you mean 'it spikes it every time I eat this meal' or do you mean 'it spikes, come down, spikes again, comes down', etc? Does eliminating the nectarine avoid the spiking?

    I ask because 50g of bread... well, maybe I'm not the right person to talk. I'm doing LCHF.
  • GlucernaBrand
    What about other sources of protein for breakfast: hummus, chicken, lean beef, legumes, Canadian bacon, peanut butter, nuts? You might start with your usual breakfast and eat less bread while increasing the protein. ~Lynn /Glucerna
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    It doesn't have to be a traditional "breakfast" item. Any protein will do. Just like Lynn stated - Lean beef, chicken, canadian bacon, regular bacon, fish, etc. Some people do protein shakes in the morning. I prefer eating/chewing my food in the morning. You might even be able to keep the nectarine if you add the protein. Try it and let us know!
  • Sleaterkitty
    How do you feel about cottage cheese or greek yogurt? I use those for my low carb and low sugar breakfasts.
  • hazycook
    Great suggestions, helpful for me as well. Though i do like eggs, i often dont have time to make breakfast.
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    I have to say 50g of bread is a diabetic's nightmare, and then to add a nectarine to it too. I would eat my nectarine as a snack, by itself. Test before eating it and 1,2 hrs after you take the first bite. That way you know how it is reacting with your blood sugars. I would do the same with the bread.

    Think outside the box, who said you have to have egg's, cereal for breakfast. Eat left over meat from the night before. cottage cheese/yogurt as someone mentioned. Have some form of veggie w/cheese etc. In fact yesterday I had a seasoned turkey burger, cottage cheese and jicama (yam bean) for my breakfast. and for my supper I had eggs. go figure, it works for me.

    I seriously think you need to test before and after eating 50g's of bread, I think you will be shocked at the results... just my 2 cents. I too am a LCHF eater, it works for my blood sugars
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    Along the lines of Kaye's suggestion to think outside the box... I'm half-Japanese, and on occasion I will have something like a Japanese breakfast: broiled fish, clear soup, small dishes of vegetables, and a rolled omelet. They usually have a bowl of rice too, and of course you probably wouldn't want to include that, but my meds and exercise actually allow me to eat a 1/4 cup of rice with little impact to my blood sugar.
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    I have a smoothie with fruit, protein powder, kale, ice and water.
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    I was never a big breakfast eater, usually not eating anything. I developed gestational diabetes with my first child and was "forced" to get into the breakfast habit. I have a muesli recipe that I make up, basically 2 cups oatmeal and 1 cup low fat milk, then I can add about a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup, maybe a quarter cup of chopped nuts. I put this in the refrigerator overnight and it is enough for a weeks worth of breakfasts. In the morning I scoop some into a bowl, add some Greek yogurt and fruit. I have also made overnight oatmeal (look online there are hundreds of recipes), a parfait of Greek yogurt, fruit, and nuts or granola. I search out the bread with the most fiber and the least amount of calories per slice and have a slice of toast with avocado. On weekends I do like to make a "big" breakfast and will sometimes make pancakes, waffles, or French toast and freeze the extra to have throughout the week.
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    The only time I'm hungry when I first wake up, or shortly thereafter, is if I had a snack about an hour before going to bed. Don't know why. My 'breakfast', if you will, is 2 glasses of cold water. A couple of hours later I want food and then it depends on my mood and whats in the house ... but I always strive for a balance between macronutrients and keep my carbs to under 45 grams for the meal.
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    I usually have hard boiled egg and some bacon, but I like to change it up.
    Bread is a no no for me, but 1/2 of an wheat english muffin with reduced sugar strawberry fruit spread and a bit of margarine is really good, add a little cottage cheese to the meal . A light and low carb yogurt with some granola is also a favorite.
  • LorraineZinn
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    A dietician told me years ago the best thing to eat for breakfast is leftovers from last night's dinner. It took a little while to get into it, but I've found that last night's chicken and veggies or Swiss steak makes a killer, filling breakfast that keeps me feeling stable and satisfied all the way until lunch.
  • Sweets1954
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    Lately I have found that if I switch up my breakfast and morning snack it helps. I will have half a grapefruit with avocado toast or a mini muffin with a bit of light cream cheese before I go to work and take my muesli and yogurt or overnight oatmeal to work and have it as my snack. I don't feel much like eating when I get up and one of my meds requires I wait an hour after taking it to eat. This way I have something light right before I leave and have a bigger "snack" once I get to work.
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    Today steel cuts oats with stevia, been a while since I've had them(too many carbs).
  • KristyRunyon81
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    Try Overnight Oats. They are super simple and easy to grab on the go.

    Here is my favorite: 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, 1 container of blueberry greek yogurt, 1 tbsp of vanilla pudding mix (dry) and 1/2 cup of milk (I use almond or coconut)

    Put it all in a mason jar, shake to mix up and put in the fridge overnight. In the morning you can heat but I like it cold.

    It comes to 300 calories and 48 carbs but it keeps me full from 7 am to noon.
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    Hi, I usually do Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit and flax seed and a small bowl of granola in milk. I calculate using mfp to come out to 45-50g of carbohydrate. So, like half cup yogurt or cottage cheese, half cup berries, third cup granola, and a splash of milk. This has been good for me. I feel full, and it is very nutritious.
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    I like Premier Protein Shakes. The 11oz container has 30g of protein and 1 net carb! Not cheap to buy at about $2.25 ea, but great for the days I am in a rush and don't have the time to cook up 3 eggs w/bacon or sausage.
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    peterh4565 wrote: »
    I like Premier Protein Shakes. The 11oz container has 30g of protein and 1 net carb! Not cheap to buy at about $2.25 ea, but great for the days I am in a rush and don't have the time to cook up 3 eggs w/bacon or sausage.
    Great point! That particular brand makes me :sick: but I have learned to value shakes for quick snacking. I will say, though, that there's no substitute for real food.