Victoza and Glumetza

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Kindly, I need a bit of advice here. I have been on Metformin for about 5 years. I was prescribed all doses at different times. Occasionally my family doctors prescribed Insulin - which did not work for me ( I am T2 anyway ).

Generally, I had a A1C on the 0.066 range for 5 years but my recent bold work should A1C of 0.075 and fasting glucose of 8.3

I had my very 1st endo appt yesterday. The doctor gave me a total change of course:

take Victoza and stop Metformin for Glumetza.

Those of you with experience taking these, could you please review for me.

Thanks a million.


  • LorraineZinn
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    Victoza helps your body make insulin in response to the food you eat - so it make things work the way a healthy person's body does. It's good for controlling blood sugar without much risk of sending your sugar too low, because too-low sugar is a Very Bad Thing. It also helps people lose weight! Glumetza is time-release metformin, so it's the exact same thing you were taking before but you only need to take it once a day.
  • Luizam25
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    Thanks Lorraine.