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I know that it's been thrown around in a few discussions about doing keto, but I just had a few questions/frustrations about it.
And I wanted to hear about other success, recipes, ideas, advice, about it.

Im starting Keto April 1st. I say that because Im moving the 31st, so Ill be able to start fresh then. Anywho, I've already lowered my carbs down, but I've been gradually trying to get them down even lower so that when Im doing 25 to 30g a day my system doesnt freak out.

I added all my foods today to my diary (mind you, its not my healthiest), but my calories are only at 780, and I havent hit the gym yet.
Is it normal to have low calories or once I really get into Keto will they increase?

Also, what do you normally eat on keto? I've been doing research and my coach is on it right now, but I just wanted some extras to have on hand.

Thanks ladies!!


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    I just started a ketogenic diet again because my period just wasn't coming back. Your calories will be low if you're not eating much meat. All meats that are unprocessed are 0 carbs. I personally like eggs and salads because they're easy. Eggs have something like 0.6 g of carbs per egg. Here's a cheat sheet that you can printout and put on your fridge.

    Make sure you check labels. Believe it or not, Hidden Valley Ranch is just as low carb (1g per tablespoon) as sour cream. When you read the label on anything, make sure you check "dietary fiber" under carbs. Subtract the dietary fiber from the total amount of carbs because carbs from dietary fiber aren't digested the same way as they are from sugar. They basically don't count.

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    Keto is naturally suppressant on the appetite, so you'll naturally lower your calorie intake. However, you're still shying away from fat too much, and your protein goal is a bit on the high side.

    Your protein should be between .5 and 1g per pound of lean body mass (total weight minus fat weight). For women, this is generally around 80-100g, give or take. Check out for a good calculator for finding what your range is.

    From there, eat more fat! That will help you get into and stay in ketosis, while still having the fuel to function. Here are a few ways:

    Cook your eggs (when you don't boil them) in butter, coconut oil, or bacon grease.
    Swap out the vinaigrette dressing for something like Ranch or an oil and vinegar blend.
    Drop all "low fat!"/"no fat!" items (like the Dannon Light & Fit) and get their full fat versions (full fat yogurt is harder to find, but you can also make your own pretty easily).
    Trade the skinless chicken breast for skin-on and at least partially dark meat cuts.
    Trade the turkey bacon for real bacon (ideally from a farm, where you can get fattier, heritage pork).
    Drop the frappucinos in favor of a plain white using cream, or bulletproof coffee (coffee, butter, coconut oil, and (optionally) cream).
    Trade the Carbmaster milk for a mix of unsweetened almond milk and heavy cream.
    Add (more) cheese and avocado to your salads.
    Add sunflower seeds or nuts to them, too.
    Get natural peanut butter (just peanuts and salt), to shave off some sugar.
    Eat more meat in general (ideally from local sources), and don't be afraid of the fattier cuts.

    Also, join the following two groups:
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    @leeshaah that is a beautiful print out. Thank you!
    @Dragonwolf I appreciate that you took the time to look in my diary. And thank you for all of it. That helps with my grocery list so much!

    It's crazy how I grew up thinking fat was terrible, and here I am trying to switch that so I can control my PCOS.

    Thank you ladies so much!!

    And I had found a recipe for coconut cream, that it tastes similar to yogurt, so I may have to try and find that again too.
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    I'm another keto. I was barely losing at all on a strict low carb until I started keto mid Feb. I'm at almost triple the weight loss since then, and I don't feel a bit deprived.
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    @PattieCakes25 Feel free to shoot me a friend request or check out my diary, too. I am another KETO-er...LOL Apologies to all for the lack of diaries since Thursday. Really difficult to keep up with the logging while working the faire, though did keep keto....

    Since January 15th when I went LCHFMP, and February 18th when I went full keto, I've dropped about 20 pounds and almost as many inches, a full pants size and well on my way to the next. I've gained mental clarity and energy like your wouldn't believe. My body is just screaming at my how great this is for me....

    I've posted in those other groups @Dragonwolf linked above and some on my blog, about how this new eating plan is literally changing my life, one day at a time!

    (P.S. The friend request thing is open to anyone - just please jot a quick note of PCOS or Keto or what-have-you to let me know how you found me! Hugs, all...