In my 40s & new to the group

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Hi all! Just joined this group today. I'm going to do the work needed to get back into a healthy state. It may only be 25lbs but losing it would make a really big, positive impact on my health. Also, I can't stand the thought of one more summer of being too self-conscious to wear shorts. Please feel free to add me. :-D


  • AmyEMR
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    Hi bellaj2000. I am just joining the group today also. I have about 60 lbs to lose and am also looking for health benefits. Just being able to breathe and move better would be wonderful. Feel free to add me also. :)
  • heyheatherson
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    Hi Bella.
    I also have around 25lbs to go. I had lost it all and was very happy with were I was. I am ready to get back to that!
    Good luck!!
  • GabinkaP
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    Hi, I'm new, too. Gabinka. I'm 43 this month. I had 22 pounds to go when I started. But now I've only got 20 to go. Not a bad start. I know it won't always be that fast though. I want to look better in photos and I want to be able to wear my clothes. I'm a barganista. I can't bear the thought of throwing out all my present clothes (size 6 and too small) and buying a bunch of 10's or 12's. I want to fit in those 6's again.
  • Hi Bella!
    I am new here also. I tried my fitness pal a couple of years ago and it was great, I lost over 10 pounds. Now I need to get back to being accountable again, so here I am :-) Also just turned the four-oh and am feeling rather fabulous this year! Now to get back into good habits and most of the clothes in my wardrobe!!!
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    Hey everyone! I'm also new to this group, feel free to add me as well. :-)
  • laweezilg
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    Hi! Just found this group today! I'm 44 and want to lose 26 pounds. Determined to make it the last time! Does anyone else find it harder to lose weight now than 3-4 years ago?
  • Hey all, Just joined the group today too! I would like to lose 60lbs. I will be 41 at the end of the month. I am 40 and just want to feel fabulous in my own skin. Really want to be healthy and enjoy life more. Please feel free to add me. :)
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    Just joined a week or so ago, this is my first time. Also want to lose about 25 but would be happy with anything. Feel free to add me. B)
  • Suttice06
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    Hello All!!! I'm not new to MFP, but I am new to join a community discussion. I'm 42 years young and weight about 210lbs. I have no problems maintaining my VERY active lifestyle.
  • GabinkaP
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    I'd been here before, too, back in 2005 or so. But I let myself go there for awhile. I'm back to lose 22 pounds. Lost 2.8 of it so far!
  • LexieL39
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    Hi All,
    I'm new too to the group and returning to MFP, looking at the same sort of goals. I want to drop around 17kgs and fit into my old clothes, but more so want to feel comfortable in my own skin - as rakin2012 says. My first goal is 5kgs gone in 10 weeks as I'm off on holiday and back in a swimsuit. Good luck everyone with reaching your goals, Lexi
  • Hello everyone, today is my first day. I just joined the group because I relized I need support from others that are on the same journey. 1 have 30 pounds to loose but this week my focus is just to work on logging my meals and getting some activity in. I use to be very active but since my back injury I have limitations. Just wanted to say I'm here.. Thanks
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    Hi Bella....hi everyone! I just logged back into my MFP account yesterday because I'm looking in every corner and on every avenue possible to keep me encouraged to reach my weight loss goal and also to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Time waits for no's now or never. And in 7 years I hope to be '50 and Fabulous'!
  • verinicacameron
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    Hi everyone
    I'm new to this I'm finding it very helpful actually realising what you eat and now making healthy choices
    Exercising seems more enjoyable and I've just started stand up paddle boarding wow I'm hooked it's so freeing and relaxing and great core exercise
    I'm on the rise of my life and not going to fall off this time
    Happy to chat
  • amc623
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    Hello! Just added this group today, but have been using MFP since January. I've lost 21 lbs so far and have 15 to go. Been doing very well but that past few days have been really hard. Want to bust open that box of Girl Scout Cookies I have in the freezer but coming here hoping to keep myself on track!
  • catwoman47
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    hi i just joined today and i use to weigh almost 300 pounds and now im 181 and feel much better it has taken me almost 3.5 yrs to do it but my goal is for 40 more pounds and im where i want to be .add me if you want to maybe we can help each other reach our goals
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    Hi all! I'm new to the group! I'm excited to meet some new friends my age who have similar goals. I've lost over 30lbs on MFP so far, and have that much more to go. Please add me!! :)
  • mrsmrogers
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    Hello I have at least 40 lbs to lose and struggle mostly on the weekends. I have a personal trainer I started working with 2 days a week but sure could use motivation the other days of the week.
  • Feistychick68
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    Hello fellow fabulous fourties! I am less than a week into this new app and I am impressed with not only the app but how being around other ppl with likewise goals is inspirational and motivating.
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    Hello my Fab Forties gals! I'm turning 45 in October & determined to lose another 20 lbs so I can look better than I did in my 30's. I've never had success sticking to a nutrition log before, but I was desperate & gave this a shot. It's been 2 strait weeks & 4 lbs lost. This feels more like playing a fun game to me. I get excited when I exercise & can eat something extra without guilt. I guess that is weird. Lol. Anyway, I am here to offer & accept support so add me if you'd like. I still have a long way to go!