Proof that the scales lie!

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Sorry to the repeat post for people on my friend list but this is way to good not to share.

In January I had body stat analysis done at the gym, started following EM2LW and became a regular at the gym/running club again. My weight on the scales has fluctuated a few pounds up and a few pounds down but today it was exactly the same as in January. BUT here is the results of the body stat analysis which shows major progress and I now couldn't care less about the scale...

Bodyfat 34.8% in Jan...25.5% today
Lean muscle 65.2% in Jan...74.5% today
BMR 1336 in Jan...1418 today

This is me that was losing hope by trusting the scales. I was scared it wasn't working. I really thought if I'd lost any fat it would show on the scales.... this is proof that the number on those scales is rubbish!!!! Yippee for EM2LW :smiley::smiley:


  • Jennbecca33
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    This is awesome, Fran! So glad you had this test done so you could "see" what was really happening! Do you mind if the EM2WL team reposts this?!
  • FRJM
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    Not at all....feel free to share to whoever will listen!!! :smiley:
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    Very inspiring!
  • Labouffecestbon
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    Definitely what I like to hear! Thx for sharing.
  • Sumiblue
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    Wow,that is great!!
  • heybales
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    Great work during your reset.

    Now you've reached the fun part of it getting harder to keep making improvements.

    Happens with everything, once you improve a good amount, future improvements take more effort.
    Like performance, weight on the bar, speed, ect.

    But now with experience of what is possible and it does work and you know what's important, you can keep rowing that boat even if ...... (where did that analogy come from! and no ending, how silly)
  • Original_Beauty
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    So very proud of you, you are amazing!!!