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Gotta get laps tomorrow or I can't play in the home game tomorrow night. I've gotten them before, but this year has been a challenge. Ugh. I can do this!


  • gemberly
    gemberly Posts: 67 Member
    I had 25.5 on wednesday and today I had 27. So I freaking did it! And I did it fasted. (Well I had coconut oil caps and a 1/4 sf cherry red bull.) My recovery last year was way worse.
  • Zelinna
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    Congrats on hitting your 27! I know it is not always easy to do.
  • gemberly
    gemberly Posts: 67 Member
    Thanks! I had a knee injury last year and gained 35 lbs, so I had a lot working against me!
  • jillybeansalad
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    I'm posting more for any future skaters that may read this:

    A big help is to continue moving your feet, do cross-overs as much as you can.