Insulin for T2

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Hi there,

I will kindly ask to share if you have had or heard of any similar experiences.

I have been diagnosed in 2009 with T2. I have been monitored by family doctors, so far changed two. I take Metformin (recently max dose of 2,000mg), Crestor 5mg (my values for cholesterol are normal but used to be high so the dr keeps me on that med) and a low dose of 2 mg Coversyl(for kidney protection not high blood pressure because I do not have that).
The treatment has been quite the same in 5 years with changes only in dosage/or type of medication. My fasting glucose was steady between 6.2 and 6.9 and my A1C in the 0.6 range. My last dr visit in January was a bit of a disaster
My fasting glucose was 8.3 and my A1C 7.4. - I did not change anything in my diet or daily routine lately, so these values are shocking.
My dr started me on Insulin (which I also used briefly in 2011). She also said that I need to go to a specialist because she wants to check if I am actually Type 2. She said I might be type 1.
I am so confused.
Now, I used Insulin...even more than the recommended dose - and my fasting glucose is the same high!!! I had the same problem in 2011, changed my family dr and she got me off insulin.
Sorry for my long rant.

Please let me know if you have any info you can share with me. I am getting really depressed.


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    I realize this post is a few months old - I'm curious to connect with you and see what the outcome has been? I have a very similar history - have been on oral meds (metformin) for almost 2 years - it worked great at first and now doesn't seem to be doing anything... am now on Lantus Solostar at night to boost my basal insulin numbers and reduce the glucose dump by my liver overnight - am currently awaiting test results to determine if I am indeed a T2 as originally diagnosed, or to see if I am a T1. Hoping those results come back this week - I've been checking for them daily. Feel free to add me as a friend - always looking for new folks to chat with about this wonderful way of life.
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    No problem, here is my later development. After 5 years on diabetes management that never fully worked, I finally got to see a specialist endocrinologist. She said I am T2 for sure and changed my meds: put me on Victoza for T2 and changed Meformin to Glumetza (this is a slow release high dose of Metformin). In the past I've used insulin sporadically but with no positive results. As soon as I started this new treatment (a month ago) I started to notice better fasting glucose and more positive results during the day/less spikes. I'll go for 3 month assessment in June and I hope I'll see my A1C under 7 again. Victoza is not insulin. It is also injectable (it comes in a pen and looks like Lantus) and there are some nasty side effects but I am lucky because mine are mild. I'll keep you posted. Let me know how it works for you.