Upgrade to new MFP?

LoLoGB Posts: 97 Member
anyone bite the bullet and pay to upgrade? If so is it worth it- do you like it?


  • Balance_Moderation
    Balance_Moderation Posts: 59 Member
    Curious myself 9.99 seems steep when there are so many freebies out there
  • heybales
    heybales Posts: 18,842 Member
    I don't need any of those extra features that are offered.

    They seem either for those very serious about their diet because they are trying to run that fine line for performance, or they really want the freedom to do their own thing without hassles of tweaking their usage. And I've seen no other sites that would do that for either thing, so if you got to have it, this is the good game in town.

    And I don't use the app so no ads wouldn't be useful. I have ScriptSafe on computer blocking ads already.
  • LoLoGB
    LoLoGB Posts: 97 Member
    Kinda what I thought on both accounts. Thinking it's not worth the money for what little tweaks I would do. Just more the "ohhhh that would be nice" but not $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year nice lol
  • bonniejo
    bonniejo Posts: 787 Member
    I think it's going to tempt more new users as opposed to existing ones. If I was doing calorie cycling it might be worth it, but I'm not so....
  • XavierNusum
    XavierNusum Posts: 720 Member
    I agree, the features might be interesting to try for say...a one time $9.99 or even $19.99 but a monthly subscription, no thanks. When I get back to IOS maybe I'll try macros+
  • retirehappy
    retirehappy Posts: 5,245 Member
    Until you can download the data, it just isn't worth it. I love the info that Fitbit.com allows you to download for free haven't tried premium with them either. I'll stay with free MFP until it becomes unusable because of my foods, recipes etc. and the groups on it I like to follow.
  • LoLoGB
    LoLoGB Posts: 97 Member
    Thanks everyone!! :D
  • Original_Beauty
    Original_Beauty Posts: 180 Member
    I'm not wasting my money :hushed:
  • MandaLeigh123
    MandaLeigh123 Posts: 355 Member
    If that app let me click on links people posted inside the mobile app... I'd probably upgrade. People post alot if great links but I dont read most of them bc I cant click on it from my phone and I cant copy and paste it.