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What to have for breakfast if I'm trying to lose weight and stay within my calories for the day???? Please help


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    I'm not sure I'd recommend what I eat but I'll tell you anyways. I do a protein shake and oatmeal with raisins. I workout in the morning so the protein is a must and then the oatmeal for the fiber and staying power. It isn't the most interesting breakfast but it definitely lasts.
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    Eat whatever you want, it's just a meal in the day. If you want to stick to breakfasty things, I like to make a spinach fritatta, I can preportion it and just grab in the morning. Today it was hard boiled eggs and a piece of GF toast, sometimes I have yogurt. Sometimes I'll have leftovers from dinner. Shoot, toast with peanut butter and a banana is tasty. Scrambled eggs with some cheese and maybe some tomato.
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    This morning- old fashioned oatmeal sweetened with ripe banana and bits of apple. Almonds

    others - eggs, cooked how ever I want that morning, (limiting butter) sometimes with bell peppers or hot salsa added. I read that you should always have at least one whole egg with your egg whites to help with adsorption of minerals and vitamins.

    Yogurt high in protein lower in sugar. Granola added sometimes.

    I've also had chicken or whatever leftovers

    I've been wanting to try protein pancakes.

    You can really have any type of food.
    I have my settings set at losing 1lb a week because eating too few calories sends me into binge mode. I don't know how some do the 1200-1300cal range. Even 1450 can be very difficult for me, but I do tend to very active little ones.
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    I'm a fan of a coffee, mutigrain toast, peanut butter and banana. Keeps me for a few hours!
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    Thanks guys
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    I eat eggs and oatmeal every morning. I've gotten some good oatmeal ideas here: .

    I've also done chia pudding, which is yummy too. :smile:

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    I drink a protein shake and eat an instant packet of cream of wheat. When I'm feeling super hungry, fruit and cottage cheese.
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    I eat oatmeal 1/2 cup when un cooked. with 4 oz of strawberries in it. I also put in sugar free syrup.
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    English muffin, laughing cow cheese, one egg and a couple thin slices of ham ~250 calories
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    I've adopted a modified IF eating plan. I used to eat a pretty hearty breakfast pre-run every morning, but it made me really struggle to stick within my calories for the day. So, I trained myself to run fasted in the mornings, and I eat my first meal at around 10am, and it makes it much easier to adhere to my calories. It did take some adjusting. I had myself convinced that I couldn't run without food in my belly, but I'm good now. I knock out a solid 7 mile run most mornings pre-work and typically average a pace of 8:30 min/mile. The whole necessity of food before run was all in my head. Just a little mental block I had to get over. BUT I know working out fasted isn't for everyone. Just wanted to share my own personal experience, as I used to be a pre-workout breakie eater pretty religiously and struggled with sticking to my calorie goals. In any case, good luck!