How often do you weigh?



  • Oakstaff777
    Oakstaff777 Posts: 14 Member
    Daily weight goes up and down depending on hydration, time of day, even if you've been to the loo or not! Once a week is showing a slow steady progress, any more often I don't think gives you motivation cos it changes.
  • mousie1973
    mousie1973 Posts: 438 Member
    i weigh in once a week. any more than that i get obsessed with the numbers and will beat myself up about ANY gain... so I am not allowed to weigh myself more than once a week (the partner i live with makes sure i don't weigh in more than that, and the partner I don't live with makes sure by only asking once per week)
  • Soopatt
    Soopatt Posts: 563 Member
    I weigh every day. It has removed the emotional charge for me as it is just a data point. I found weekly weighing more stressful as I might have bad luck and weigh on the wrong day. I also think it is interesting to look at the month long trend and see that jagged little line leaping about, but still heading downwards.
  • chelley449
    chelley449 Posts: 5 Member
    Once a week. Usually on Sunday mornings.
  • ddmusica
    ddmusica Posts: 50 Member
    Every day except Sunday. :) I like to stay within a 3+ or - range.
  • nolajen10
    nolajen10 Posts: 7 Member
    I weigh first thing every morning, unless I had a cheat day the day before (I skip the morning after!). I don't worry too much about little fluctuations as long as it is generally going down week to week. But I fear if I don't do it daily, it will get away from me again. I totally believe the saying that the easiest way to lose weight is not to gain it. I won't let it happen again!
  • lisaanne1369
    lisaanne1369 Posts: 377 Member
    not too often, my 46 year old eyes need reading glasses to read the scale!
  • JBROC5
    JBROC5 Posts: 37 Member
    Every Sat or Sun morning is my official weigh in. I admit to being so curious during the week I just can't help but jump on there a few times during the week. It usually just ticks me off when I do that though.
  • djjeffa
    djjeffa Posts: 117 Member
    I weight daily because Im not super strick on my calorie counting so when I go up its a nice kick in the *kitten* to get back on track.
  • Graymanstole
    Graymanstole Posts: 257 Member
    I seem to weigh myself often enough to remind me that I need to work harder.
  • buxbert
    buxbert Posts: 244 Member
    every day! couldn't bear not to. try not to get frustrated when weight goes up a bit as it is just natural but it keeps me going to see how the weight goes down.
  • Rave1966
    Rave1966 Posts: 19 Member
    Friday mornings. Weekends are difficult so I focus on weekdays for fitness and calorie control, and hopefully get a boost at the end of the week. I found daily weighing too "variable". All I'm looking for is a downward trend.
  • BluGnat
    BluGnat Posts: 35 Member
    Pretty much every day, even though I know there's many reason (and many ranges) of fluctuations. Keeps me on my toes.
  • LadyScorpio67
    LadyScorpio67 Posts: 247 Member
    I weigh daily to keep myself in check and I use the WeighBot app for that. It's a simple app that keeps the basic details, (pounds lost, to go, etc. My official logins are Tuesdays with the one group I'm in and Fridays on MFP. I find it helps keep me on track, especially over the weekends when I'm more tempted.
  • JoeNavy2015
    JoeNavy2015 Posts: 1 Member
    I weigh daily, but don't get upset or discouraged over minor upticks in my weight. My MFP log shows the downward trend over a long period of time and that is far more motivating!
  • michelle1173
    michelle1173 Posts: 158 Member
    For the past few weeks I've been weighing myself daily as a reminder of my goals. However, I realized that it is not useful to enter the numbers on here. When the number changes from day to day, I don't want to get too excited or depressed. I agree that the you see progress after several weeks or months. However, I'll keep weighing myself daily to stay focused.
  • TomfromNY
    TomfromNY Posts: 100 Member
    My weight fluctuates a lot (I can go up or down 2-3 pounds in a day). So what I like to do is weight daily, put it in a spreadsheet and then focus on the previous 3-day or 5-day average. This helps me identify any trends, smooths out the results, etc...

    I know a lot of the advice is to weight yourself weekly, but I find that they could be discouraging (if on that particular day I'm up 2-3 pounds) or over-optimistic (if I'm down 2-3 pounds on that particular day)

  • carole4000
    carole4000 Posts: 50 Member
    Everyday at the moment but record my weight on Fridays.
  • MarchKrolik
    MarchKrolik Posts: 12 Member
    I weigh myself every other day. I am amazed at how much my weight fluctuates! I can go up and down 4 pounds in a day so I can't weigh in everyday I'd go crazy!
  • MikeDubya74
    MikeDubya74 Posts: 29 Member
    Surprised by the number of daily weigh ins. I'm an every couple of weeks guy. If I do it daily I start to obsess over it and get mad when the scale climbs because of the daily fluctuations.