For those with the sleeve

KDar1988 Posts: 650 Member
Good morning. I'm thinking about revising band to sleeve (have been for a long time). Curious how well do you have to chew your food up before you swallow? Will small unchewed pieces get stuck? I know you have to and always should chew well, but how well?

I have to do it with the band and sometimes even the smallest piece that slipped by will get stuck.



  • chip305
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    Good morning! I am 7 months post op and I chew the same as I did preop. I did chew much more in the beginning but I have no issues with food getting stuck.
  • kglowins
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    Good Morning! I am 15 months out and chew as well as I did pre-sleeve. The first 10 months I was much better about making sure everything was chewed really well...however, I don't think I was bad about it before or currently. I'm just not as cautious as I was in the beginning. I have had no issues...
  • KDar1988
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    Thank you ladies. I have to think the sleeve will be better than the band. From all I have read it is quite similar, but doesn't have some of the issues my band gives me. I really need to make the decision.
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    I am 4 years out and part of the reason I chose the sleeve is this very thing. True, at first you need to fully chew food, more than "normal", but once healed, it's really business as usual. I was swallowing whole pills within a week of surgery, one at a time and usually with 10-15 minutes between, Now I can take multiple and swallow at once. I love my sleeve and the restriction it gives me but without all the issues you have with some WLS.