Where do you run?



  • nickylee76
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    I got back outside today too. I hadn't ran outside since late November. But did a quick 3 around the neighborhood this morning. Sidewalks still icy so was safer in the street.
  • Diana_GettingFit
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    I have a local park I run in. Five laps equal one mile. I've only just started running. I ran my first mile today. I'm pretty happy about that.
  • ddmom0811
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    I run in the early mornings in my neighborhood. I have only been running since last summer and I am just beginning to tire of the neighborhood because I've increased to 5 miles and that means I have to loop some. But I leave when it is dark and I don't feel safe leaving my neighborhood.

    Whenever school is out (I'm a teacher) or I can run on the weekends I go on a trail (but it's paved) or just on the streets outside my neighborhood and it's so great! When I travel somewhere I love to run anywhere new. Can't wait until school's out and I can leave in daylight and run to new places!

    I ride bikes in a group on Saturdays and then usually a long ride with my husband on Sundays, so usually can't run on the weekends.
  • nic632
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    I run on a treadmill at home which unfortunately is set to a 5% incline and can't be adjusted. I don't find it too boring though as I get my music on loud so I can't hear my feet pounding away which doesn't seem to make it as much of a chore. It can also be a bit frustrating knowing that I'd be able to run further and for longer if I was on a flatter surface.

    I haven't the confidence at the moment to run outside, however if I eventually do, there is nowhere to run nearby that doesn't involve crossing roads every few minutes and traffic going past and as I don't drive there isn't the option to go to a park or anywhere else that's more suitable.
  • WhatMeRunning
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    I mostly run early in the morning on various roads and trails around my home. I have done circuits around certain routes over the last several months on long runs, but I'm recently getting a little bored running the same 4 or 5 routes. So I have started placing some water along straight line routes from the house to run some new routes. On a good long run I can actually make it a way across town! I'm also trying to familiarize myself with some of the trails in a large park nearby to determine if I can't do long runs out there (I know I can I just don't have the water station strategy figured out).
  • Aresende90
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    I run on the treadmill, and outside around the neighborhood. I hate running outdoors in the cold/winter..it hurts my lungs, and I consistently cough for hours afterwards.. so I retreat to the gyms treadmill or indoor track if i think it's too cold for me. I live on a dirt road, surrounded by more dirt roads, with a little pavement thrown in here and there, so its essentially like trail running. I encountered a porcupine crossing the road yesterday evening on my run, and had to pause for a moment as he scurried across he road...I don't know how far they can shoot their quills, but I wasn't taking any chances!
  • sarafischbach9
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    I like to run on bike paths mainly. I occasionally do some training on treadmill during the winter or on really hot, humid days. ( Like 90 degree days ). I mainly use the treadmill for speedwork, rather than easy paced runs. Asphalt and crushed limestone is what I mainly run on. I go in neighborhoods too, but mine has steep hills and lots of traffic. I would like to move to a neighborhood that doesn't have such steep climbs ( I can handle some hills ) and less traffic.
  • derkin2005
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    road and trails in Florida
  • flyygal
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    I run around my neighborhood every morning weather permitting. I find it safer although I'll love to run at a nearby park. I'm too afraid of the "killer" since it's early morning and there aren't a lot of people up. Hopefully I find a few running buddies
  • melaniefave41
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    Trails as much as possible, but I have a 20-60 minute drive to reach them. Days when I'm short on time are done through town, following rivers so I can at least try and trick myself some.
  • bigorangemichael
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    I prefer running outside to running on a treadmill. On the treadmill I can talk myself out of running too easily, while outside I can get enjoy the scenery and my playlist.

    My route is fairly level (there are some elevations if I want to deviate or change it up). I'm fortunate that I can start from my house and head either direction for about two and a half miles to a small park with water fountains. These are great because I can refuel with some cool water and there's a bathroom in case I need it. The route is fairly well traveled with sidewalks and greenways. I prefer this because I'm wary of strange dogs who may or may not be on a leash in neighborhoods and I also hope that if something happens, hopefully someone will stop to help me or a police car will come by on a routine basis.
  • Jennifer8348683
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    I run outside as much as I can. Trails along the beach are my favorite. I do the treadmill when I have to but I don't feel like it is as much of a workout because I can't run as fast outside. :p