Where Are You From?



  • MindyG150
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    20 minutes south of Portland Oregon...And I would welcome a running buddy.
  • Kelce4Fit
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    I'm in Allentown PA!
  • HerbertCL
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    I am in Maryland. South of Annapolis, East of DC - in a little area known to locals as SoCo. I run at a World Gym in Owings.
    I am really nervous about running outside - alone. I have had a few run-ins with loose dogs, and since my ability and schedule are both limited, I have found it is just easier to head to gym and get on the hamster wheel, stationary bike and elliptical machine.
    I am happy to have found this group and look forward to challenging myself and learning something along the way :)
  • Nettiejb
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    I'm from York, UK :-)
  • wymel3
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    I live in Los Angeles, CA, specifically Encino which is in the San Fernando Valley. Hot, hot summers!
  • bcrist
    bcrist Posts: 19 Member
    Daphne, Al
  • bigorangemichael
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    Near Nashville, TN
  • deanna0127
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    Seattle, WA
  • lindsayraync
    lindsayraync Posts: 3 Member
    Apex, NC
  • SoleSister1234
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    Baltimore, MD
  • Abakan
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    Hollywell, North Wales, UK
  • snha
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    Madison, WI
  • ctdebbie
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  • kmarc33
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    Central NJ (Bridgewater, specifically)
  • BanksySJ11
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    Hi just joined today, I'm in High Wycombe, Britain.
  • nickylee76
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    "Where Are You From" is a lot different from "Where Do You Run, Now." Born in Michigan, grew up in Massachusetts, moved back to Michigan and then met my husband online - he lives in Illinois, so now I do, too.

    Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Elgin, specifically. I don't know how to run slow enough to carry on a conversation, yet - it's only been 4 years. I'm still working on it. I don't tend to do any real social running, but I'd be happy to look out for whichever of you are running a race I'm signed up in. Right now, all I have on the table is Run For the Zoo in Lincoln Park Zoo (Chicago) in June, and Muddy Monk Nearly Sane Trail Half Marathon (Lincolnshire) in August. I might sign up for a mud run or 2 - Warrior Dash usually holds a race near Grand Rapids, Michigan mid-September, which is a nice birthday run for me.

    Small world.... I live in Elgin too!! I run slow and still can't carry on a conversation. At least not a very good one. :)

  • juliet3455
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    I live in Peace River, Alberta, Canada. About a 5 hour drive north of Edmonton and about 6.5 hours North of @showjumper.
    showjumper wrote: »
    Central Alberta Canada :)
  • smithie092015
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    Washington, DC. Wonderful place to be a runner! Summers are hot, yes, but we have such a long, beautiful fall.
  • jesoverley
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    Cincinnati, OH (great hills for marathon training!)
  • juliet3455
    juliet3455 Posts: 3,000 Member
    Washington, DC. Wonderful place to be a runner! Summers are hot, yes, but we have such a long, beautiful fall.
    Spent a 3 day long weekend in your fair city about 15 yrs ago, was not enough time, so much to see. Spent most of my time wandering around the museums, Lincoln memorial etc.