Week August 17 goals and updates

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6 days before first race... Swim and bike. Sooo
1. Two OWS swims... One ocean and one lake
2. Short bike rides to get used to new bike.... Not road tested, just trails...
3. Easy with running.... Sore Achilles tendon after longer run last week..
4. More mindful eating.... Ate out too much last week with potluck at work.
5. More veggies and salads...
6. Lose weight gained last week from overeating and late night eating ( changed to evening shifts at work)
Staying so grateful and blessed that I can do all these things.... Photo from bike ride.j6nztdiuumlf.jpg


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    Lovely photo. Here's one of a bit of the trail I was on Saturday. (Actually found a trail off the trail that had some hills, which was exciting.)


    That's in the middle through a town -- most of it was somewhat more out of the way and no 10 mph speed limit.
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    My goals for the day and week:


    1. Had to change my swim to later in the week, so get in some strength training -- didn't do this, as I was stuck in a work thing from before 8 am to 10:30. My plan to at least get in some walking failed too, as I was really hungry for dinner after and plus we were in the middle of a thunderstorm. I really needed a full rest day after last week/weekend, so I figured that was for the best.

    2. sleep enough, please! -- no, but getting better with 5 and a half hours last night

    3. will be stuck in work thing for lunch, so eat a little light for breakfast and try to keep calories in check -- mostly did this.

    4. 10,000 steps -- didn't manage this (see 1)


    1. Ride bike to and from work and get in an upper body weight workout
    2. go to bed at a reasonable hour and try to get 6 hours (at least)
    3. stay within calories/no unplanned snacking
    4. 10,000 steps

    For the week:

    1. Stay within my calories
    2. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep a night
    3. Follow workout schedule
    4. Aim for 10,000 steps/day
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    My goals are to:
    1. get back to running tomorrow. Had a muscle strain in hip that prevented me from running.
    2. Drink that water
    3. get 15000 steps in again.
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    Great open water swim today and nice 40 minutes bike ride on the road.... New bike handles pretty well on the road...
    Lemurcat12.... I too found an unexpected trail today and ventured off road for a little while... Did get some small hill work in today...

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    I'm hoping to make an open water swim tomorrow evening. Was supposed to do my usual Wednesday morning pool swim today, but I overslept a bit, so ran instead.

    (Just realized that due to oversleeping I made all my goals yesterday, however!)
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    Got bike planned on Friday and open water swim on Saturday for gentle workout ( restful kayaking afterwards) then race on Sunday.... So excited!!!
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    Goal for this week is to maintain my loss from last week.
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    That's a good goal, and I'm hoping for the same thing (which reminds me I need to update the spreadsheet).
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    Exciting, barbhat!

    I'm planning to get in an open water swim this evening, but it may thunderstorm again and get cancelled. Hope not!
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    You will be ready for the Tri in Athens, barbhat! Hope our humidity eases up for your race. It has been intense today! But then again, as a Floridian you likely know hot and humid.
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    Heard it was humid.... Hoping race day and the early start we will miss some of it! Thanks for the encouragement
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    Fog and Rain..... But I finished the aqua bike race. 1/4 lake swim and 14 very hilly bike ride....
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    Congrats! Great job doing it in that weather.