Strategies for Eating Out on Shabbat

wendymoira Posts: 40 Member
Like a lot of people on this board, the place where my calorie-counting efforts fall down is on Shabbat (and by extension holidays, but in the summer I'm thinking Shabbat). I enjoy both hosting and going to friends' houses for Shabbat meals, and if I'm going somewhere it's very difficult to control what foods I will be offered. (Also, whipping out either my digital food scale or my smartphone to check calories is Not Happening, which is why I'm posting in this group!) I don't want to be that person who reels off her dietary guidelines before accepting an invitation, and I can only get so far by logging all my walking and then being that person who always offers to bring the fruit plate. Any tips or ideas?


  • David_273
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    I don't want to make light of anyone's problems but I think that after a few weeks of tracking calories, you know that yerushalmi kugel is very high in calories-per-bite and which things are lower in calories. If you make some wise decisions you can enjoy a shabbat meal without eating 1,500 calories.

    If the only thing that matters is calories, one day of a high but unknown number of calories will not ruin the program and it will make it easier to be strict with yourself the following 6 days.

    Wishing you hatzlacha!
  • kandeelopez
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    Start learning when your body is feeling satiated. Eat more slowly. Practice during the week, so when Shabbat rolls around, you're ready.
  • wendymoira
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    It's getting easier, yes. [Although my brilliant plan to avoid so-so bought desserts at kiddushes has foundered because now my house is full of awesome desserts I made or people brought for RH. Time to get off the sugar kick again.]