Does anyone else have this trouble?

It's been nearly 7 mths since I had my sleeve done, and I am going great with the weight loss. So no complaints there.

I'm still not complaining, as even with my problem, I'd do it again. I do however have an issue that I'm hoping others may be able to shed some light on. I've talked to the Dr/Nurse/Dietican about this, but with no real luck. I've tried all their suggestions. Obviously we all know that our taste buds are likely to change, but I am having trouble with 99% of foods making me feel sick, and 8 out of 10 times I will vomit the food back up. I eat slowly and chew my food well.

The great thing is that I can't stand chocolate anymore or most sweet things (YAH!!!), fried foods are yucky. I can't handle spicy foods (which is very sad, as I did like my chilli hot). Worst of all, is that a cup of tea, doesn't taste like a cup of tea. That has been my biggest sadness about this process. I've got Pommie blood, and the Poms luv their

I can handle fruit youghurts, poached or boiled eggs are kind of okay (need my protein). I'm taking my vitamins still, including Vit D (as I am laking in that) and Hair, Skin & Nails tablets as still losing hair. I know, not enough protein still! Even with the shakes. Eating more chicken these days, but craving salt. I think I need to go back to a diary and maybe write down the foods that affect me more.

Can anyone help?



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    I didn't keep many things down the first 2 months, but that has improved. I will say that many of the foods I previously enjoyed just don't do it for me anymore. I'm always disappointed after I finish a meal. I tend to eat smaller more frequent meals throughout the day and need to drink at least one protein shake to get even close to 60-80g daily. I hope you can find a solution. After 7 months I would think your stomach can handle most foods again. Good luck!
  • Hmmm...maybe mix up when you take your vitamins? I've heard some feeling more nauseous throughout the day when taking vitamins in the morning. I guess I would try to log what you eat and the after affects and go from there. Eating whatever protein you can tolerate, as often as possible is going to make a big difference, with regard to getting in your protein needs. Can you do cheese? Cottage cheese? Peanut butter? Fish/shrimp/shellfish?

    I'm almost 8 months post-op from my RNY Gastric Bypass surgery and there are things I definitely cannot tolerate, like eggs most ways, chicken salad (you know - with mayo) - but I love and can tolerate REALLY WELL chicken in any other form. Greasy meats, like fatty sausage or fatty hot dogs, make me nauseous, but thankfully I haven't ever thrown up...just felt icky.

    Good luck!
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    Chris - I would definitely keep a food diary and add in how you felt and any adverse reactions you have to foods and drinks. I would also maybe give things a second chance after a while. I found that my tastes changed several times over the course of the first year. Best wishes and hope that helps.