Top sources of carbs

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I was curious about the top sources of carbs in the Standard American Diet, and also which of those low-carbers eat when they fall off the wagon.

Here it is for kids:
  1. yeast bread
  2. soft drinks/sodas
  3. milk
  4. ready-to-eat cereal
  5. cakes/cookies/quick breads/donuts
  6. sugars/syrups/jams
  7. fruit drinks
  8. pasta
  9. white potatoes

Which of these do you eat now? Which do you eat when you fall off the wagon?

I couldn't find a similar list for adults, but this was close:

Yeast breads that were neither whole grain nor higher fiber contributed about 7% of the energy to the diets, which made them the leading source of energy of the foods we examined.

Two of the top three sources of carbohydrate--regular soft drinks and sugar--are composed entirely of simple sugars. Potatoes provided around 11% of the fiber, which made them the leading source of fiber.

So probably pretty similar to the list above.

Personally, I eat nothing on the list! And I still get around 100g/d carbs.

Edit: here it is for adults (almost the same as for kids):
  1. yeast bread
  2. soft drinks/soda
  3. cakes/cookies/ quick breads/doughnuts
  4. sugars/syrups/jams
  5. potatoes (white)
  6. ready-to-eat cereal
  7. pasta


  • minties82
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    When off the wagon, numbers 1, 3 and 6. I didn't think soft drinks would be up there with how many sugar free kinds there are today.

    My kids get most of their carbs from bread and potatoes I expect.
  • Dragonwolf
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    Potatoes and ice cream are my usual high carb stuff. I'm a sucker for both.

    Under normal circumstances, milk is the only other thing on that list that consume with any regularity, but it's always the highest fat source I can get my hands on and it's not nearly as much these days as what I used to consume.
  • JodehFoster
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    wabmester wrote: »

    Which of these do you eat now? Which do you eat when you fall off the wagon?

    I eat number 10 on the list:

    10. Reese's pumpkin...or egg...or xmas tree...

    all depends on the season, respectively.

    We do keep whole milk in the house & I will drink that on occassion, but only a juice glass amount. Nothing else on the list really.
  • wabmester
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    Yeah, I was surprised candy and popcorn wasn't on there. The first time I tried low-carb (10 years ago), I refused to give up my morning cereal (Kashi) and milk. That was hard to let go.
  • Lillith32
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    Corn chips/custard-type sweets are my cryptonite, although very rare. Maybe popcorn once in a while. I think I got most of my carbs from fruit, sweet potatoes and various pumpkins and squashes.
  • CJ0821
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    I do not eat or drink any of the above when doing well....but

    Potatoes. Fried, Mashed, Baked, you name it.. that is all I want when I fall off the wagon.

    And cookies. Chocolate chip. :/
  • krazyforyou
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    Ice cream ever &%$# Time
  • Sunny_Bunny_
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    Well for me it was candy, so I guess #4 for sugars. Though I have remained tough and haven't had even 1 tiny candy since I started in May. Yay! I kicked those cravings bootaaay!
  • nvmomketo
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    Mine was soda pop and candy - 2 and 4 I guess. I greatly reduced most of the others a few years ago when I found out I was a celiac. Gluten-free foods just aren't as tasty, and they cost a fortune.

    GF cookies and brownies are about as tasty though... I guess I should add #3. ;)

    I haven't really fallen off the wagon yet though. I had a day above 50g carbs a while back from too many nuts, coconut and some xylitol sweetened chocolate chips, but it wasn't a bad slip. I still have a few tablespoons of those chocolate chips per week. It's a sugar fix, but it has been under control so far.
  • sweetteadrinker2
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    Milk is about it. I haven't fallen off the wagon, so can't attest to that. I do sometimes crave a good sweet potato at times though.
  • radiii
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    Sweets weren't my weakness when I ate poorly, just general crappy eating, fast food with lots of breading and bread, etc. But now? If I fall off the wagon I will end up at Krispy Kreme literally every single day until I get back on, whether I'm off track for one day or one month.
  • KarlaYP
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    I haven't fallen off the wagon either. The couple of cheats have been gelato and chocolate.
  • DittoDan
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    Top sources of carbs = Grocery stores, most aisles. :laugh:

    I hope this helps,
    Dan the Man from Michigan
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    Current weight: 198.5, 115.5 pounds down, 19.5 to go. 13 months on diet
  • TBeverly49
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    I think if I fell off the wagon, it would be ice cream or sweet pasties like chocolate chip cookies.
  • lodro
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    It would be bread for me! But ever since starting keto in july I haven't eaten it, although it's baked every week in quantity in my house.
  • GaleHawkins
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    Almonds, dairy, celery and coconut flakes are currently my main source of carbs. I got into some sugar on ribs I had Saturday at a high school reunion but it only well dented my level of ketones. :)
  • V_Keto_V
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    No "wagon fall offs" here, but occasional low carbohydrate foods: chocolate, coconut manna, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt. Staple low carb foods: low-carb marinara, salsa, kale, & avocado.
  • KnitOrMiss
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    sweets junk (ice cream or cake) and potatoes. I don't really miss bread much, thankfully. Not a fan of sodas or milk (always trigger my allergy drip). I can eat a tiny portion of potatoes or pasta without too much damage, as long as I pair it with high fats.

    Never was a big fan of cereal , and about the sugar/jam thing I miss is chocolate syrup, and I could make that. I even found a recipe for "chocolate chips in ice cream" recipe from coconut oil and such... Haven't tried it yet.
  • bluefish86
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    I really miss bread. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't tolerate gluten very well, so I tend not to cheat with wheat.
  • mrron2u
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    When I've fallen of the wagon it would be 3-6 (adult list). At the moment I don't touch anything on either list. And I do still manage almost 100g carbs per day but those are almost all from fruits and vegetables.