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Hey ladies! The names Abbii and I am EBF my almost 3 month old. I BF my first for only 3 months and now I am determined to go longer. My milk supply has dipped a couple times but I always manage to get it back up. Currently my LO is going through a growth spurt and he is cluster feeding, which gets me a bit tired. I'm back to the weight I was before him but I'm trying to get back to the weight I was before my first one. I did have both of them C-Sections so I now have this ugly little pouch that I've been living with for 2 years now. I was very insecure about it, but my husband, who is freaking awesome, has had some serious talks with me about it. So now it's living with me but I would still like to get rid of it.
If you need some support, add me! If you don't need support, add me! lol
Have a great day ladies!


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    Hello! I just joined. Coming back to MFP to hopefully get healthy life back on track. I have two littles: Emmett (M) who turned 2 in July and Morgan (F) who is just shy of 7 months. During both pregnancies I gained 65lbs. I was able to lose quickly after first pregnancy. Because I wasn't able to breastfeed my son, it was safe for me to be on Atkins at 3 months pp and got back to pre-preggo weight by the time we found out I was pregnant again!) This time around, my daughter is EBF and I am having the toughest time shedding any weight. Truth be told, I've gained a few lbs (Ugh!) I exercise at least one day a week for an hour or more, but I know the secret is you have to everyday. Trying to incorporate swimming a few times a week into my routine as I have a stress fracture from trying to launch back into running. (not so smart when you're body's not used to the extra weight). I want to jump back into a low carb diet, but I know babe needs sugar, so I'm hoping to begin at phase II.
    I'd love to hear from other moms on this group; what has worked, what hasn't. Also, I've had a real roller coaster of a ride with the whole breastfeeding journey, so I'd love to commiserate too! Setting small realistic goals that I will change periodically. Short term goal: get under 2 bills, next goal: get back to pre-pregnancy weight, long term goal: lose about 60 lbs total. Biggest concern is any decrease in supply. We fought very hard to get to where we are and I don't want to jeopardize that, but winter's coming and I don't want to buy new stuff that I don't plan on needing long term. Looking for encouraging buddies!
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    Hello ladies !!!! Coming back to MFP to lose baby #2 weight , but EBF my 2 month old and I have a 3 year old , work full time and trying to lose weight and keep up the milk supply;)
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    I'm also looking for pals in a similar place to chat with. I had a rough start to the BF journey also, and now that we're established and have a good thing going (son is 4 months) I don't want to jeopardize my milk supply but do want to drop at least a little of the excess weight I gained!
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    Hi all! I'm back to MFP after having baby #2. Baby 1 and I didn't have a long BF journey but this time i'm 5 months and going strong with this LO. I have PCOS and I work full time. Finding time Exercise is hard and i'm finiding it hard to lose and getting discouraged. The PCOS makes it hard to lose weight to begin with and while BFing made me lose my baby weight it is coming back on and i CAN NOT gain back all that weight again. Looking for support and encouragement and suggestions. I need help figuring out the number of calories i should be eating a day without decreasing my supply. THanks Mommas!
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    Hi everyone! I'm back after almost 2 years away! Baby #4 is almost 5 months old, and still nursing. Looking for friends to share support! I worked full time with #1-3, and am a relatively new SAHM. My first goal is to clean up my diet and start an exercise regimen. My appetite is voracious (which it always is while nursing), but I would like to not feel like I'm Hulking out of my clothes. :)