What FOOD is your go-to alternative when you feel you are about to binge eat?

ALHughes8 Posts: 12 Member
I know turning to non-food alternatives, or even better - resolving the EMOTIONAL issue - is best. BUT, sometimes, honestly, I just don't WANT to resolve it, I just need to eat something!

What is your go-to? Chew a piece of gum? An apple? A drink of some sort? Curious as to what works for you guys to satisfy your craving when you feel you're about to binge.


  • Embera
    Embera Posts: 291 Member
    sometimes to avoid cravings and things i do gum because who wants something with mint they dont go well together most of the time like i was working at a restaurant and everyone would eat extra fries to to avoid it i would chew gum cuz it wasn't worth trying to switch it
  • fruitydelicious
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    Hmmmm - grilled New York strip- it makes everything in the world ok again because all I can think about is how yummy it is!!! And yes, I have driven to the store just to buy steak. And yes, I have sent hubby to the store to buy steak - he wasn't complaining!!!
  • ahealthiercara
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    I have access to so many yummy snacks where i work. I am tempted often and have found myself reaching for gum instead. Its very sweet (xylichew) and keeps me distracted enough to get past wanting to eat food. At home i drink water and and try to remember to eat an apple first. That usually satisfies me.
  • BringingSherriBack
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    Chewing gum and drinking water. Those usually help but when they don't I usually just get a small portion (snack size bag of chips, regular size candy bar, single scoop of ice cream) of whatever it is I am wanting because I have learned that when that craving doesn't seem to go away I am truly just better off to eat the small portion of whatever it is I am craving and then I'm good. Where as if I try to "eat around" a craving that won't go away by eating apples, veggies, protien bar, etc., I usually still have the craving and end up eating whatever it was to begin with but now I've eaten a couple hundred or more calories of other "healthy" stuff plus the craved food so I've done worse than if I had just eaten the "forbidden" food when the craving didn't go away earlier.
  • saitiffeh
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    Yogurt covered raisins! They taste like you are eating straight chocolate and really kill the cravings!
  • Embera
    Embera Posts: 291 Member
    yogurt covered anything is so sweet it hurts my teeth some times and its higher calories than you would think
  • Sherryfood95
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    Sometimes I just want to eat as in the act of chewing. So tried the old celery sticks which surprisingly worked well. Depends on the driving force but if it's just eatting I'd give those a try.
  • brb2008
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    I honestly can't start or I wont stop. It has to be that simple or I will never recover from this problem. I will brush my teeth extra well and go read or talk to someone if needed. Gum would only stimulate my stomach into wanting food, even if I'm not physically hungry.
  • shroodle88
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    Carrots. Sounds crazy, I know, but it the crunching reliefs the tension.
  • Dootzy1
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    Pistachios- in the shell. You have to work at it, and it feels like you're eating something that is nutritious. Plus, they can be a little pricey, so I portion them out to make them last longer!
  • rungrrl
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    sunflower seeds - the whole pack tacks a while to eat and there is something about taking them out of the shell with my teeth then crunching on them helps TONS with cravings. If it is something sweet, I will do a 1-2 tbps of raw almond butter.
  • rungrrl
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    brb2008 wrote: »
    I honestly can't start or I wont stop. It has to be that simple or I will never recover from this problem. I will brush my teeth extra well and go read or talk to someone if needed. Gum would only stimulate my stomach into wanting food, even if I'm not physically hungry.

    This is exactly why I don't do cheat days ever. Gum does the same thing and just makes me want to eat sweet things. I just stay away from it all.
  • fireball1970
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    I go for low carb alternatives, like pork rinds, pickles, olives or celery. These foods keep me from getting on a binge where I just can't stop.
  • Mekatluvr
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    When my emotions are running high and I want EVERYTHING that's not good for me, I turn to low carb alternatives. For example, when I'm really stressed with work and school I normally want salty foods like Cheetos. So instead of reaching for a bag of Cheetos I reach for cheese and pickles. I know that sounds weird, but I realize that what I'm craving for is the salt with the cheesy flavor. It really helps me a lot. Plus, I make myself "taste" what I'm eating and not scarf it down. Along with this I drink plenty of water or I chomp on crushed ice. :)
  • rungrrl
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    hmmm chomping on ice is something I never thought of, I am gonna give that a try.
  • ewoksrule3
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    My teeth hurt just thinking about you guys crunching ice! lol!
  • kdcomstock89
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    Air popped popcorn is one of my favorites.
  • elize7
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    I do a modified bullet proof coffee - with cream, stevia, coconut oil, and a heaping teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder. It satisfies my sweet tooth and the cream and coconut oil fill me up. Low carb so it doesn't hurt my diet. Works pretty good. I have a pretty intense binging history.
  • For me it's cheese and chocolate usually as a bedtime snack.
  • hlcavalieri
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    I am going to be honest. As someone who has a severe issue with over eating, binge eating, and any other unhealthy relationships with food, I am not ALWAYS going to be strong enough to chose water or gum when I'm having that craving. With that being said, I try to prepackage some of my craved foods like peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets, or special k cracker chips. this way i get to satisfy that need for something yummy, but the option to over eat is not there. Also, I keep a dark chocolate bar (the good cocoa stuff) and i allow myself one square. It has to be give and take with this, or else you wont stick to it! Stay strong guys, it will be worth it!! Add me, Lets inspire each other! :)