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Welcome all fitbit users. This is a challenge to help get you motivated to get up off the couch and get moving. Its a new year and you have your fitbit and no excuses for not using it. I just got my
second fitbit( I first had the flex and then received the Surge for Christmas and decided it was to big and bulky and exchanged for the Charge HR and the Aria scale). I am ready to start the challenge Monday January 4th 2016. I thought it would be great to start a challenge.

To make sure you get started off on the right foot, please post your weight on the same day each week with your progress and as often as you like with support and or tips on weight loss.

Starting Weight:
Goal weight:
Weekly or daily steps:
Calories burned:
Weekly weight loss:

I will post daily tips and highlight your weekly progress. Lets make this fun and a real challenge, we can do this.

Izzy :)


  • izzy214
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    If today is the first day of your weight loss plan, tip of the day: don't go running to the gym yet, don't throw out all of your junk food, and avoid buying the most expensive training and fitness gear for now. This sounds like strange advice, but think about it. Buying a gym membership doesn't mean you'll use it. Throwing out all of your junk food doesn't mean you'll automatically start eating better. And the most expensive training and fitness gear? It isn't any more special than your body.

    Before you get started you need a plan, one that's going to set you up for success and one that gives you clear goals to follow. Saying "I want to lose weight" is an outcome, not a goal. It doesn't cover HOW you're going to lose weight. Saying "I'm going to go to the gym to lose weight" is better, but with no set schedule, you'll likely stop going.

    TODAY'S GOAL: Take 10 minutes to sit down and think through your weight loss plan just for this week. First pick one goal, then think through and visualize the details of how to achieve it. For example, if you want to go to the gym, ask yourself when you can go, how long you'll go for, and what will you do when you're there? Then schedule the time in and stick to what you planned. (AH)
  • Sherryisgettingfit
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    I'm in! I will fill out my info later this evening. Thanks!!
  • loubylou1969
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    I'd love to join in please

    Name: Louise
    Starting Weight: 12st 6lb (176lb)
    Goal weight: 11st 6lb (162lb)
    Sleep: 7 hours
    Weekly or daily steps: 10K a day is my goal
    Calories burned: 3k a day
    Weekly weight loss: 1-2lb a week (hopefully)

  • L_Master
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    Name: Eric
    Height: 5'8"
    Starting Weight: 68 kg (149.5 lb)
    Goal weight: 61 kg (134 lb)
    Sleep: 8 hrs average
    Weekly or daily steps:Not so important, 10k/day average
    Calories burned:4000 per day
    Weekly weight loss: 0.5 kg/wk through May
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    Name: Elayne
    Starting Weight: 198
    Goal weight: 175
    Sleep: 7 hrs average
    Weekly or daily steps: Avg. is 7500, goal is 10K
    Calories burned: avg. 1900
    Weekly weight loss: Goal: min.1.5lbs per week
  • nillapup
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    Name: Spark
    Starting Weight: 157
    Goal weight: 137
    Sleep:7-8 hours avg
    Weekly or daily steps: 8,304 daily avg aiming for 10 daily
    Calories burned: 2,007 daily avg
    Weekly weight loss: .5-1 hopefully
  • BarbMessimer
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    Name: Barb M
    Starting Weight: 201
    Goal weight: 152
    Sleep: 6-7 hours avg
    Weekly or daily steps: 5,000 daily avg, goal is 7,500
    Calories burned: average 2,100 daily
    Weekly weight loss: GOAL: 1 lb per week
  • DaniMerc72
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    OOOH! I want in!

    Name: Dani H.
    Starting Weight: 215
    Goal weight: 130s
    Sleep: 6-8 hours, depending on when I go to bed.
    Weekly or daily steps: goal of 10,000
    Calories burned: approx 2000 daily
    Weekly weight loss: Goal of 1lb/week, but I'll take more if I can do it!
  • Tknirsch
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    Sounds good!

    Name: Terra
    Starting Weight: 189 lbs
    Goal weight: 160 lbs
    Sleep: 7.5 hrs
    Weekly or daily steps: starting with a goal of 6k per day
    Weekly weight loss: working for 1.5 lbs/ week!
  • sfaulkner83
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    Name: Stephanie
    Starting Weight: 163
    Goal weight: 125
    Sleep: 7-8 Hours
    Weekly or Daily Steps: avg. is about 5800 goal is 10k
    Calories Burned: 2,000
    Weekly Weight Loss: 1.5-2 Ibs
  • carolyndunstan
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    Name: Carolyn
    Starting Weight: 87.5kg
    Goal Weight: 70kg
    Sleep: 6-7 hours
    Weekly or Daily steps: aim for 10k daily
    Calories Burned: ? not sure
    Weekly Weight Loss: goal is 1-1.5kg
  • lashona81
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    Name: Lashona
    Starting Weight: 194
    Goal weight: 145
    Sleep: 8hrs
    Weekly or daily steps: 10K
    Calories burned: 2000-2500
    Weekly weight loss: 1-2lbs

  • kimcrisler
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    Name: Janiece
    Starting Weight: 222.4
    Goal weight: 175
    Weekly or daily steps:
    Calories burned:
    Weekly weight loss:
  • hayleymawr
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    Name: Hayley
    Starting Weight: 13st 9
    Goal weight: 10 st
    Sleep: 8 hours per night AV
    Weekly or daily steps: daily goal of 10000
    Calories burned: deficit 500 caps per day
    Weekly weight loss: 1/2 lb

    I love this idea, anything that challenges and keeps me accountable is great.

    I set up my Fitbit yesterday and didn't hit the step goal- today I will!

    Good luck all.
  • pichu318
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    Name: Charlotte
    Starting Weight: 87.8kg [Dec 31]
    Goal weight: 60kg [Sept 1]
    Sleep: More than 6 hours..... I average between 4-6
    Weekly or daily steps: Daily goal of 5000
    Calories burned: 2300-2500
    Weekly weight loss: .5-1kg
  • Squigglepops
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    I'll play! My starting weight was taken Dec 26th which was when I got my Fitbit and my current weight was taken yesterday (so is more like my starting weight for this challenge!)

    Name: Becca
    Starting Weight: 180lbs (81kg/12st12lb)
    Current Weight: 176.5lbs (80kg/12st8.5lbs)
    Goal Weight: 140lbs (63kg/10st0lbs)
    Sleep: 8hrs
    Daily steps: Average=11,740
    Goal= 10,000
    Calories burned Goal: 2,495
    Weekly weight loss: 2lbs/week goal
    Weight loss so far: 3.5lbs
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    Name: Louisa
    Starting Weight: 214# (Jan 2)
    Goal Weight: 150# by Dec 31
    Sleep 7+ hours
    Daily steps: 5k currently building to 10k
    Calories burned: 2300 daily
    Weekly weight loss: 1-2#

    I had surgery in December and so my numbers will be weird for a while. Looking forward to the motivation and support.
  • izzy214
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    tt11110423fltt.gif to the Challenge. I am excited to see so many joining in. Together we can keep each other motivated and give valuable feed back. By reading and seeing what works for others will help each of us in ways we have not thought of yet. Please feel free to post your best tips and don't forget to update at least once a week and of course daily if you wish. This will be a great group and we all know that the Fitbit is at the top for best fitness trackers and have wonderful apps. I just got the aria scale and look forward to adding it to my tools to help keep me on track. Now the Aria scale paired with my Fitbit Charge HR should really give me the accurate information on what and how I need to change diet and or exercise. I am officially starting my tracking Monday Jan. 4th. Again, thank everyone for posting. Have a great day.
  • izzy214
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    Implementing even small everyday diet and exercise changes can lead to a long-term difference. When it comes to exercise, "the simple message is to stay active". Focus on building activity into your daily routine, whether it's going to the gym, walking several extra blocks rather than driving, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Be careful of the common mistake of celebrating your new exercise routine with larger meals. "Don't overestimate how many calories you burn with exercise and reward yourself by eating just as many--or more".
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    Hi Everyone.
    Name: Linda
    Start weight: 154lbs
    Goal weight: 144lbs
    Sleep: 8 hours
    Daily step count: 10,000 min
    Weekly weight loss: 1lb

    Only got my fitbit today so still trying to navigate my way around it, haven't managed to sync it with MFP yet, that's my next job.

    izzy214: thanks for setting this challenge...... Love the daily tips.