4 months post op - Where were you??

honeypeas Posts: 17 Member
I am taking my first post-surgery vacation in a month. I will be just past my 4 month mark, and had set a goal for this trip that I don't think I will hit. Can you guys tell me where you were at with weight loss at your 4 month mark? I don't want to be disappointed in myself, so I want to see how much variation there is out there.


  • ki4eld
    ki4eld Posts: 1,215 Member
    I was down 60lbs at my 4mo point.
  • sinderstorm
    sinderstorm Posts: 225 Member
    I was down 60 of the 100lbs I had to lose at 4mo
  • knjitters
    knjitters Posts: 36 Member
    I am 4 months PO (9/2 my surgery date) I am down 60lbs now
  • anbrdr
    anbrdr Posts: 621 Member
    Seems about right. I was at 66# loss from Day of Surgery to 4 month marker
  • cabennett99
    cabennett99 Posts: 357 Member
    I was down 85 pounds 4 months post RNYGB.
  • Ultima_Morpha
    Ultima_Morpha Posts: 895 Member
    I had lost 65 pounds at 4 months post RNY surgery. I'm currently at total (pre- and post-surgical) 115 lost just shy of 6 months from surgery. Starting weight was 285 at 5' 4".
  • jenean52
    jenean52 Posts: 80 Member
    Wow you guys are doing great. I'll be 4 months out from sleeve surgery in a couple of days. I'm down 30 lbs since surgery.
  • cmchandler74
    cmchandler74 Posts: 510 Member
    Keep in mind that it all depends on where you start and how much you have to lose. People with more weight to lose are going to lose it more quickly. So comparisons are really only a guideline and are really only helpful with people who started approximately in the same weight and height range as you. It also is going to depend on your activity level as to how quickly you lose.
  • krradke
    krradke Posts: 1 Member
    At 4 months I was down 74 pounds
  • cassybaca
    cassybaca Posts: 23 Member
    Dang! I hope I'm down 60-75 pounds at 4 months out!! Lol That's awesome!
  • ashmiller001
    ashmiller001 Posts: 8 Member
    You guys are awesome. So motivating!!! I'm scheduled for surgery in 3 weeks!
  • happyjoyousfree1
    happyjoyousfree1 Posts: 124 Member
    Me too.
    I'm just 1 month out from a VSG with very little exercise due to RA and I've lost 33lbs.
  • Melody_1_2_3
    Melody_1_2_3 Posts: 5 Member
    4 months after sleeve and am down 50lbs.
  • lorredd555
    lorredd555 Posts: 1 Member
    4 months out and am down 53 lbs. after sleeve surgery!
  • Autum1031
    Autum1031 Posts: 83 Member
    4 months after sleeve, I am down 61 pounds. The majority of this (57) was in the first 3 months.