Fitbit Sync Delay~this explains it =)



  • missmissica
    missmissica Posts: 35 Member
    Still not syncing for me :-1:
  • WinterSkies
    WinterSkies Posts: 940 Member
    My food from MFP is showing up on Fitbit, but my steps and activities aren't showing up in MFP. Oh well... an exercise in patience, I guess :)
  • minniestar55
    minniestar55 Posts: 346 Member
    I'd bet it has to do with 1) loads of new FitBits received for Christmas/purchased in post-Christmas sales & 2) the January NY resolutions to lose weight/gain muscle/get fit & joining MFP as an aid for that. So a lot of increased traffic on both FitBit & MFP servers, plus the syncing over isn't a super simple process. Not worried, they'll sort it.
  • lalabrucey
    lalabrucey Posts: 239 Member
    I'm all good now :)
  • joelschneider45066
    joelschneider45066 Posts: 76 Member
    Mine still hasn't caught up/sync'd since about 2PM yesterday!
  • kanerz14
    kanerz14 Posts: 85 Member
    My run's are not syncing now from Strava-fitbit to mfp
  • larissamalcolm
    larissamalcolm Posts: 15 Member
    Thank you for sharing that. I was wondering what happened to cause my steps not to sync yesterday. I keep reloading and reloading. Restarted my phone.
  • sharonaker1
    sharonaker1 Posts: 2 Member
    Still not syncing for me - not sure how much longer this will take but I think MFP needs to add servers to adequately handle the problem today and in the future. The more users the larger the problem grows.
  • segacs
    segacs Posts: 4,599 Member
    Seems to be syncing again for me. Though they did warn of a significant backlog, so it could take some time.

    And yes, it seems like they need to add some capacity to their servers to handle the volume.
  • Sweetiepiestef
    Sweetiepiestef Posts: 343 Member
    I used Fitbit Dashboard to copy my work out/times to MFP while this outage is happening and it didn't double log activities. The Adjustment ended up happening over night and I was actually under what I actually burned by just a little bit when the adjustment happened. :) Hope this helps some of you. I am a new Fitbit user myself for only one week now so it sucks when this didn't automatically sync for two nights in a row until the next day :(
  • AndyLabrador
    AndyLabrador Posts: 13 Member
    Still no sync here
  • Maaike84
    Maaike84 Posts: 211 Member
    it's the second evening of it not syncing for me - so yesterday evening I manually added exercise MFP to get an estimate for finishing the day. This morning syncing caught up from yesterday, and by deleting the manually added stuff I could see what I burnt at least in retrospect. It's annoying for figuring out if I have enough room for a snack though....
  • missmissica
    missmissica Posts: 35 Member
    day 2 of no sync...
  • rhtexasgal
    rhtexasgal Posts: 571 Member
    I am on day 4 of no synching
  • firephoenix8
    firephoenix8 Posts: 102 Member
    My steps are showing up in my diary on MFP now, and my calories on FitBit, but I'm not getting any adjustments either way for the steps on MFP. So that's a little weird, and I'm at a middle ground area where I think I would have a few added calories but I can't really remember for sure. Oh well, I've got extra calories today by chance any way, I guess I won't worry about it.
  • LeftyLucy75
    LeftyLucy75 Posts: 13 Member
    Mine syncs during the day but both last night and tonight it stops around 7pm Eastern. This is annoying to say the least.
  • cahtchme
    cahtchme Posts: 32 Member
    edited January 2016
    I haven't synced since 12/25 and I'm starting to get annoyed too.
  • meshaffer
    meshaffer Posts: 21 Member
    rosebette wrote: »
    So should we manually enter activity?

    I wouldn't. It seems to catch up in the evening. It was just around now that it kicked in. but it will adjust once it starts "talking" to each other again.
  • meshaffer
    meshaffer Posts: 21 Member
    It's weird, it loaded twice for me yesterday and none for me today. However, my food log is transferring over to fitbit.
  • doutri2
    doutri2 Posts: 186 Member
    Thanks for posting. I was wondering what was up yesterday. I think I'm all good today. The site is still running a little slow. But, my app is working just fine. I'm using that as my back-up to logging.