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Intro.. Want to be friends?



    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,473 Member
    anyone can add me.
  • denisemartin85
    denisemartin85 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone! I'm a 48 yr. old stay at home mom of 3 (all girls! 21, 18, and 9). Several yrs ago, with a lot of hard work, I was finally able to get to my goal weight and size. Also maintained it until last year when I had pneumonia. Long story short, it took months to recover and I lost most of the strength I had gained (gained about 15 lbs due to lack of exercise and poor eating habits). Anyway, I'm still trying to get the old me back. Eating clean is the hardest part for me. Tracking my calories helped tremendously the first time around, so I'm doing it again. I would love to have more friends to share the journey!
  • dujyandco
    dujyandco Posts: 90 Member
    Hi there!
    Not sure how the Friends thing works... 47 year old, happy wife and Mama... 42 days logged into MFP, I've been using the Pacer app for steps (goal of 20,000 per day, usually met) since November 2nd, and have recently purchased the Fitbit Charge HR for keeping track of my heartrate while working out.
    Not a gym girl... I do low impact aerobics at home (with and without carrying two pound weights) and walking along the river.
    My motivation these last seven weeks has been that it feels SO fantastic to be so active! I don't 'diet', but MFP keeps track for me-- I just do my part by logging my lunch and cookies, and working out (aerobically) for ideally two hours a day (incrementally, or not)-- or at least an hour /hour-and-a-half, otherwise. I figure that if I exercise 1,000 calories a day and eat with purpose, I should come out ahead. :)
    I'm hoping to stay motivated through the next year... losing seventy pounds.... maybe having weight loss friends could help with that!
    I'm down 14 pounds since I bought a scale five-and-a-half weeks ago. That's pretty good motivation, too!
    Blogging is familiar territory for me, so I've started a weight loss blog here on MFP, so I don't irritate my fb and local friends too much with my Go, Me!!! pep. :)
    I'm interested in finding and supporting friends, though it may take me a minute to figure out how it's done!
  • rosiedisneydreams42
    Hi Stephanie today is my first day tracking on MFP properly. I am 42 & a Mum of 5. You are doing so well . Well done I am waiting for my fitbit HR to arrive I treated myself for Christmas. I need to loose at least 50lbs & am trying to work out with kettlebells at home. I would love to be friends x Rosie x
  • bevkidd1
    bevkidd1 Posts: 265 Member
    I'm 48 yrs old and have 100+ to lose. I have been on my journey since just before Thanksgiving. Just looking to give and receive support.
  • Working2BBetter
    Working2BBetter Posts: 219 Member
    Hi. I'm a 43 yr old mother of 3. Work full time and try to squeeze in working out and eating healthy. 10 lbs crept up last year. (Too much snacking...) Now I'm motivated to get rid of it! Would love some support. Please feel free to friend me. :)
  • thuckel
    thuckel Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone! I'm a 40 year old, mom of 3 (11, 8, 7). I'm married to a wonderful guy, who is always supportive of what I do. I'm motivated to lose 15-20lbs to get back to a healthy weight range. But, more than the number on the scale, I want to be strong, toned, and have some endurance! I can't afford a gym, so having a gym workout buddy is out. I have plenty of videos and work out apps that I can use at home. I just really need a support system to keep me accountable and motivated! Feel free to friend me.
  • shondraturner1
    shondraturner1 Posts: 7 Member
    Hello everyone, I am a 44 year old single mother of a great 11 year old boy. I suffer from several illnesses which have left me disabled. I call them the silent illnesses because you can't see them. My goal is to not let them beat me and instead lose some weight, regain strength of mind and body. It would be nice to meet others on here and work together to meet our goals even if there are good and not so good days. B)
  • DaniMerc72
    DaniMerc72 Posts: 188 Member
    I like making new friends too! Add me!
  • tchmnky
    tchmnky Posts: 6 Member
    40 year old husband and father of two. Starting over with MFP. Looking for support :).
  • CoryBIsMe
    CoryBIsMe Posts: 74 Member
    Me too! 42, mom of 3.
  • mimi2974
    mimi2974 Posts: 40 Member
    I'm also looking for friends to add to my journey. 42 yo F, working mom. 70 lbs. to lose.

  • iLeela75
    iLeela75 Posts: 21 Member
    New friends always welcome. 40 yr old working married mom. From Canada
  • FemmeFireRL
    FemmeFireRL Posts: 227 Member
    41 yr old Canadian shift worker....
  • Michelle2W
    Michelle2W Posts: 163 Member
    I don't care if you eat the entire Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, DON'T GIVE UP!!!!
    We got this!!!
  • EllenFlickner
    EllenFlickner Posts: 32 Member
    Hi..I'm 47 and a mother of 3 adult children, my youngest is 20 and one adorable energizes grandchild. I'm hoping to lose a total of 75 lbs and I know its tough to stay motivated, i could use all the help i could get.
  • Cheekies_
    Cheekies_ Posts: 319 Member
    edited January 2016
    I would love to have some friends that are closer to my age too! I'm 40, happily married and have 4 kiddos (all boys ages 4, 6, 9 and 11). Needless to say I'm in the weeds a little but I love to interact and see happy faces on my MFP. :)