New to MFP and WLS

hi all. I had the VSG on 12/21/15. I'm looking for people who share this journey for advice, recipes, ideas, fitness and any other general conversation on the subject. I'm not sure yet how to add people but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.


  • gdnplnty
    gdnplnty Posts: 170 Member
    Hello, you found a good place to start that is for sure. :-)
  • Tawnykakers1
    Tawnykakers1 Posts: 207 Member
    Welcome! Congrats on your surgery. This is an awesome group.
  • AngieViolet
    AngieViolet Posts: 232 Member
    Hi! There is Sooo much amazing advice and pointers on here! You found a great resource! I know that I couldn't imagine going through this journey without the amazing people in this group!
  • cberenholz
    cberenholz Posts: 9 Member
    Thanks! I'm still trying to figure this out lol. Both WLS recovery and using MFP. One concern I have is that I haven't lost a single pound since January 8. I've actually gained a pound! I weigh myself every Friday.