Tummy Rumbling

Tawnykakers1 Posts: 207 Member
Since my surgery I do not feel hungry and I don't get that gurgling noise when my tummy is empty. The second I eat food it sounds like a monster in there with all the rumbling and gurgling. I eat slow and at the most it is about 1/2 cup of food. Does anyone else get this? Should I be concerned?


  • bcedl1982
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    I feel almost the same way, except I do get "hungry". But it is not like the old hunger, more of an empty feeling and the need for more fuel--difficult to explain. I do hear lots of noises as I eat and for a bit afterwards. This happens no matter how carefully I chew or no matter what the food may be. I am also eating about 1/2 cup total. Sometimes 1/4 cup protein and 1/2 cup soft pureed or chopped veggies, but I can't quite finish it the veggies.

    It is odd to hear the noises--you'd think we'd hear less coming from smaller stomachs!
  • cabennett99
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    It definitely gets noisy after surgery, but it either settles down or you get used to it, in any case it's not been a problem for me.
  • Tawnykakers1
    Tawnykakers1 Posts: 207 Member
    Good to hear its not just me. It was just one of those little things that I wasn't sure about it. So I guess I am normal! lol
  • anbrdr
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    Yeah, things are much noisier, sounds like bubbles and drains being unclogged
  • JadedMage
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    haha mine does the same thing :)
  • cmchandler74
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    Tons of noises post-op! It does get better, but it still pops up at weird times.
  • Tawnykakers1
    Tawnykakers1 Posts: 207 Member
    This just never came up in any classes or in my reading material. Now I just talk back to it. lol Thanks for sharing your experiences!
  • AngieViolet
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    Lol you crack me up! I call mine my "little monster"
    RENAEJAE Posts: 1,136 Member
    Yes!! - Loud and sometimes embarrassing.
  • martabeerich
    martabeerich Posts: 195 Member
    Mine was embarrassing! So many loud noises. But it did eventually go away after a few months.
  • Oh goodness - in the beginning it was INSANELY LOUD. Thank goodness, though, it has settled down tremendously for me. :-)
  • KarlaYP
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    I don't believe it actually goes away, in my case. I think I've just gotten used to it, lol! But yes, loud! My son can hear it from a cross the room!
  • PaulaKro
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    Been over two years, and my weight is normal, and I eat normal, but the tummy is still noisy. My coworkers grin when we're sitting in a meeting and it starts gurgling. They think I'm just hungry all the time, but it doesn't need to be empty to sing. It's just a conversational little thing...
  • uawxman
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    Happens to me too. I just got used to it.
  • misspastiche
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    My stomach rumbles but then after I'm no longer hungry. It's kind of weird ....