Mid-Week Check In - How's everyone doing???

lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
Hey there, Lean on Me members. How's your week going? Four more days until the end of week 1.

Are you on track with your goals for the week? If not, how can you get back on track?


  • lizadaze
    lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
    My mid-week update: I've had a strong start to the week and have managed to stick to my eating plan, calorie and protein goals, AND get in two cardio sessions and one personal training session.

    So I am hoping to end the week strong. I have another training session tomorrow night, then need to get in at least 2 more cardio sessions over the weekend.

    My challenging time is going to be Friday nights and over the weekend - this is when I can blow an otherwise solid week. Hoping for strength and motivation from this group to keep in track during the weekend!
  • kesslemg
    kesslemg Posts: 47 Member
    I've been doing pretty well. I've been eating pretty well. Today's lunch wasn't great but it tasted good. On Wednesdays on volunteer at the local hospital and as a result get a free lunch. They do list the calorie content do at least I make an educated decision. I've been getting plenty of activity. I also haven't had any wine! This weekend will be a challenge. I typical don't log food or beverage on the weekends. I need to. Maybe that will be my goal next week....
  • momof2boyz832
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    Midweek check...so far so good..gave myself a rest day yesterday but 5 miles in on the treadmill today..no wine I sight..still under calorie count..all is good ☺
    Keep it up!
  • lestown022
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    Monday and Tuesday were great! Today I feel as if I didn't count my calories accurately or get enough activity! Tomorrow will be better because I WILL measure and track perfectly. I have to be stricter if I want results. I'm also going to do a workout video tmrw!
    I'm trying to wait until Sunday to weigh myself again and then just do weekly Sunday weigh inns. I'm 123 as of today. Keep it up ladies we are doing great!! I love the support of this page!!
  • Emily4062
    Emily4062 Posts: 9 Member
    No late night snacking so far!
  • lizadaze
    lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
    Great updates everyone! Keep me coming and keep on track. Just sharing these little moments helps us all reflect on our week and keep those goals top of mind.

    5 miles on the treadmill - awesome!

    No late night snacking, ditto here too! Just imagine how many calories we are saving over the course of a week but cutting down on that alone.

    Weekly weigh ins -yes, me too! Seriously if I step on that scale everyday I will derail myself. I can only brave that thing once a week.
  • jwilson507
    jwilson507 Posts: 15 Member
    Hey everyone. So far so good. I have been snacking healthy in between meals which has really helped keep my hunger in check. I'm eating every 2-3 hours. And I'm getting my water down. I almost bought diet soda today because it was really cheap. But I passed! Yay! My goal was to get off of it, and I'm down to 1 a day. Overall I'm doing well. I'm also a wine drinker. I can't usually have just a glass so I will probably skip it all together this weekend. I would like to challenge another wine drinker to skip it this weekend too, ANYONE?
  • lizadaze
    lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
    Ok, I'm in. No wine this weekend (I did have one glass tonight!). . Isn't it Super Bowl Sunday coming up??
  • lsabeIIe
    lsabeIIe Posts: 566 Member
    @jwilson507 Good Job on not buying the soda! I can't skip wine with you because I don't drink wine, well, just sometimes.

    I had a great start of the week but today was hard... I was SO sore. I did 1h yoga session and still felt like I needed more stretching.

    I also went over my calorie goal :(

    Anyway, I hope tomorrow will be better!

    Keep it up !
  • RREnterprises
    RREnterprises Posts: 9 Member
    Hi everyone!
    I'm doing great. Worked out yesterday and today as well (a little sore!). Awesome new snack - Trader Joe's Jicama Sticks! One serving of those and one tbsp (.5 serving) Sriracha Ranch dressing (also T'J's) is 70 calories!! I am a happy camper.
    Feeling better because I am working out, too. Still not drinking - jonesing a little for it, but holding firm. My daughter wanted to take me out to a late lunch using a coupon book but we couldn't find a restaurant that had calorie information nearby! Went home and ate good stuff instead. Yay!
  • curlymop3
    curlymop3 Posts: 28 Member
    Doing well with logging and sticking to calorie goal, even though got a rubbish cold so not exercising as energetically as I would hope to usually.

    No evening snacking to overshoot calorie goal - have either done a bit of knitting or gone to bed early feeling unwell. Not exciting, but successful for this 12 week project!

    Admiring the no-wine-weekenders. Go for it!
  • Sillybee727
    Sillybee727 Posts: 131 Member
    I've had a pretty good week, staying within calories and getting exercise every day. I'm anxious about today as my schedule is packed with work, commute and sitting in night classes so gutting in 10k steps will be very tough. Committing now to doing it, even if I have to get on a treadmill at 10pm!

    I'm excited for the weekend. I have much more time to fit in fun exercise (as opposed to forced treadmill time) and to prepare my meals so I know I'll do better. I did wine-free for most of January so if I'm good Saturday that will be my small reward. I just need to keep it to about 10 oz and plan for a few extra calories because I tend to munch along with it.
  • Mjtckwnow
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    On track everyday this week so far. Looking forward to today because I will finally be able to run outside (instead of on the treadmill) for the 1st time since our big snow on the Jan 22nd & then after that I get to go to the gym and workout with my husband (which is a very rare thing with our schedules). The weekend will be my hard time with staying on track with my calories but I feel like I'm in a good place to accomplish it.
  • tjwilson5
    tjwilson5 Posts: 16 Member
    Good morning all. This week so far has been great. I have managed to get on the treadmill for an hour plus each day and have hit every goal on my Fitbit so far. Been between 11,000 and 14,000 steps every day all week. Bought myself and my husband a new Fitbit so he can walk along with me. We have our own little friendly challenge of who will get the most steps daily. Calorie counting and logging has gone good as well. This weekend will be my challenge. Friday night we are having our three grandsons over for the night and this is also my husbands birthday weekend. Good luck everyone! Have an awesome week.
  • MyBoyG
    MyBoyG Posts: 104 Member
    Had a little bit of a snack attack and went over my intake yesterday....need to counteract it with more activity today. Working it!!
  • Sillybee727
    Sillybee727 Posts: 131 Member
    Mid week update UPDATE: was exhausted and lying in bed feeling like a loser for already starting to backslide by not hitting goals today. It's a real mental game for me and if I feel like it's defeating me I'll throw in the towel. SO, got my butt on the treadmill at 11:05 to walk my steps. Ugh.

    After about 30 min incline walking, pumped up the music and ran my first mile in more than six months! I wasn't setting any new PR but running again is big for me. Even though I'll be tired tomorrow, I'm heading to bed feeling powerful, optimistic, and IN CONTROL!
  • kesslemg
    kesslemg Posts: 47 Member
    I'm totally bummed. I weighed in this morning and have gained weight. My son's birthday was last weekend and I did have pizza and cake but I didn't think that would undo all of my hard work from the week before. It's so frustrating especially after how good I was the rest of this week. It's hard not to feel defeated though. I won't give up but that doesn't stop me from being frustrated and annoyed.
  • curlymop3
    curlymop3 Posts: 28 Member
    Glad you thought of setting up this group with 'clear goal for the week'

    ...managed to resist the midweek glass of wine last night, really wanted it and wouldn't have resisted normally. But I had put it as a clear goal....so stuck it out.

    Well done Sillybee on the treadmill. Hoping for real encouraging results next week kesslemg.
  • lizadaze
    lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
    kesslemg wrote: »
    I'm totally bummed. I weighed in this morning and have gained weight. My son's birthday was last weekend and I did have pizza and cake but I didn't think that would undo all of my hard work from the week before. It's so frustrating especially after how good I was the rest of this week. It's hard not to feel defeated though. I won't give up but that doesn't stop me from being frustrated and annoyed.

    That is the most disheartening thing that we've all experienced. Seriously, it has to be the very worst!

    So let's all make a pact. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, give up or give in to what the scale tells you about yourself and DO NOT beat yourself up. Keep steady on your path and keep putting in that hard work. You will be rewarded for taking the long view to this. Remember, it's 12 weeks of better habits and weekly progress that will get you to a place you never imagined if you stick with it.

    "There is no quit in me" (or us!).
  • martinezkrauss
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    Being part of this group to have to report in is very motivating and holds me accountable. I'm very excited! I've been doing walking in place exercise programs via YouTube several times a day. I thought I would be bored out of my mind. Rather, it has been the opposite as I watch tv and use the cellphone to play the videos. Staying within my daily food goal and looking forward to the next day to try to exercise even more. I love the fitness pal program - never have been able to track my food although I have done WW twice in the past. Tracking EVERYTHING I eat and ENJOYING the process. I have my weight bench set up so hopefully today I will do some weights as well.
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