Need Help figuring out this Calorie thing

So I've got PCOS which causes issues losing when not BFing, but now i have the whole thing of not affecting my supply. How do I figure out how many calories i should be eating while BFing and trying to lose weight? Thanks Mommies!


  • DaniTronMcNally
    DaniTronMcNally Posts: 44 Member
    I started at about 1500 snf lost NO weight for ten weeks. Now I've upped it to about 2,000 a day and I'm starting to lose it finally. BUT I also decided to cut carbs and lost 9 kilos in 2 weeks.
  • amiaow
    amiaow Posts: 35 Member
    I'm 11mo pp and breastfeeding- need about 3000 to maintain my weight while doing 2x strength sessions @ gym a week. Not trying to lose, but definitely lose under that. It's at least 500 extra on top of my usual TDEE- I'd calculate that first! Breastfeeding is a huge energy drain, as is running around after a growing baby!