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    @highlandshoppa - had never even heard of a green smoothie - have google it and might give it a go, relieved to see it doesn't have to have yoghurt in it. Thanks for the tip!

    lots of different recipes out there...my current favorite is: 1 cup kale, 1/2 banana & half a pear (I freeze this part in individual ziplock bags ahead of time and then it is all ready in the morning). In the morning I put the pre-frozen fruit in the blender with 1 tbs almond butter, 1 tbs hemp seeds, & 1 cup unsweetened soy milk and blend until smooth.
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    Thanks curlymop3! I feel like I am bouncing off the walls on my end so thanks for that! I did seven hours of "walking" yesterday and have already done four and a half hours today. About to start my 2 hr weight workout. I did an hour of hard gardening early this morning and the app says that alone was 400 calories! I may"bank" as many as 3800 calories today which is crazy excessive. I ate a hardy meal an hour ago so still have great stamina. Started a new book too!
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    I'm struggling here this week. This new job has thrown a wrench into my routine. I'm struggling to maintain my grip. I'm trying to make healthy choices. I am hoping that I can do a better job next week. Anyone have tasty lunch suggestions. I'm not used to packing. After not working for almost 10 years this is a big change. I'm still getting up early and working out so that's a positive. I'm just a creature of habit and routine. Change is hard!
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    Hang in there @kesslemg sounds like big changes and you're not giving up. I did a bit of paid work (teaching) for first time in 12 years in January and though it was a big change, on the plus side it made it easier not to snack - is that the same for you?
    What about one of those vacuum flasks designed to take soup for lunch, warm and filling with too many calories from carbs, and quicker to prep than salad....
    @martinezkrauss wow - you're going to sleep well after all that!!
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    @kesslemg - change is difficult, but you are doing great! Hang in there. Soon the job will bring new friends and you will have a new normal. Sounds trite but i prevent myself from eating enticing pastry by packing a small sandwich Baggie of carrots, small container of almonds, one tiny square of a chocolate bar, and a banana. And a bottled water! I do this esp. when I go to homes of family b/c sweets, soda, beer and wine are ubiquitous! Beverages have always been my downfall! For work, when my wife knows she won't have time to buy lunch, I make her salmon and she takes a small piece for lunch with a piece of bread - she likes it cold so easy, ready to eat. I keep the fridge stocked with cooked chicken drumsticks and have a bit of one when I feel a big sugar craving but can't do that at work. Keep with the morning workouts as best you can b/c that makes you feel good even when you are tired. Just finishing up my 5th weight workout (everyotherday) and I can't believe it. My workout notes say it has been five years since I workouted 15x consecutively. We can do this!
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    Hi Friends - I had a setback last night. I had already met my protein quota for the day prior to dinner and I still had a few hours more of walking to do so I decided to have pasta. I measured out one cup of cooked pasta, ate it along with a chicken drumstick. Told myself I was starving and served out another cup. It was Soooo tasty!

    30 minutes later I found myself going into the pantry for two Oreos, then immediately back for two more, then another until I started asking myself why is THIS my choice? Then I started doing "beat-up" and I immediately stopped that.

    The better choice would have been to have my second serving of beans at dinner. I realized pasta just breaks down to sugar and then for me I am stuck with an endless sugar craving! I waited 30 minutes, pressed myself to eat a cup of beans, and not only did I not have any further sugar craving, I did not get "amped-up" from the Oreos. I did just a little more exercise and went to sleep with a huge, uncomfortable belly.

    My point is that I had what for me could have turned into an evening of "hell with it, these Oreos are great" and this morning be absolutely miserable and be so disappointed with myself or as I am now, sharing with the group how I not only avoided that - I could have made a better choice and will do so going forward. Being part of the group is so, so helpful! I really want to not start down the road of what leads to misery and disappointment. Thank you all for keeping me on the Happy Road! :o)
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    That was suppose to be a happy face!
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    Thanks for all your support. This week has definitely not gone as planned. The boys had a snow day so I couldn't go in to work. Now I have to go in on Saturday to make up the hours. I fell off the wagon a little bit by having some wine on Wednesday. I was just so stressed. It did help me calm down and regain my composure. Tonight I have to go and eat dinner at a cub scout blue and gold banquet. They are serving chicken parmesan or eggplant. I choose the eggplant. I LOVE eggplant so I'm hoping that it's tasty and not too many calories. There will be cake also but I'm hoping to stand strong and not have any. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Friday.
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    Well... Kind of looks like a tough week for a few of us!

    I went for an ultrasound today, turns out I have a 12cm (5") uterin fibroid ! I feel it has been growing in my belly for quite a while without me having any symptoms for a long time !

    I have to wait for another appointment to see what my options are.
    I must say I dislike the "wait" part...

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    Hi everyone. It's been another busy and stressful week for me at work, but I am enjoying getting caught up on everyone's posts this lazy Saturday. Despite my work stress, I have managed to take care of myself by eating well and exercising six days! I've started walking in the mornings for an hour. I am dog sitting for a friend and will be walking my two dogs plus her big fluffy terrier mix. That will be an adventure! I will try to post some pics later today.

    I really love the meal ideas everyone has posted and will start a couple of new threads for us to share tips as they come to us. That way, we can refer to them easily when we need new ideas.
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