5:2 diet

Hey is anyone doing the 5:2 fast diet?


  • 303lissy
    303lissy Posts: 427 Member
    I tried it for a while and lost some weight. The official first book was just on sale for free on Amazon so I downloaded it, but haven't tried it again. Thought about starting up again, but man was I grumpy the next morning.
  • allaboutthefood
    allaboutthefood Posts: 796 Member
    Sorry what is the 5:2 diet? I just weigh my foods and completely changed what foods I eat (new lifestyle). NO diets for me. don't like them :) best of luck to you on your journey.
  • larrodarro
    larrodarro Posts: 2,512 Member
    I went from 240'sh down to 200 on 5-2. I ate lots of green beans and stir-fry on my "fast days." Never had a problem staying under 600 calories, or being hungry.