Mushroom March

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HI All,

Welcome to March. Spring is almost here Yeah!

Goals for this month to lose another 4 to 5 lbs.
Eat more mushrooms and green vegetables.
Mostly, eat just vegetables and very limited carbs.

This month is already starting off crazy. Going to Williamstown on Friday then back to work on Sat. Off to NYC again for Sunday and Monday

Mahini: sorry about your old pal. :( Will you get a new puppy?

Lia and Carla: Any luck with your house sales.

I was able to get a lot done at the office today. I went in really early and ploughed thru my stack of stuff to do. Only 2 more things left on my list as of now. I am sure it will grow again.

Looking forward to my travels at the end of the week.

Today is Super Tuesday I will be voted in just a little bit. I think I will have my husband and I go vote then go out to eat at B goods.


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    Hi Terri, thanks for starting the thread. I can't believe another month has gone by so fast. February seemed to take about 2 minutes. I still have one dog, he's going to be my first "only child" but with the way I work these days I don't want to take on another dog right now.

    Goals this month, more veggies, beans and treadmill! Less starchy carbs.
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    Hey guys,

    How was Super Tuesday voting, Terri? It sounds like an exciting race in your country this year. Anxious and nervous for you guys! Sounds like you've been really busy too.

    I can't believe it's March either... doesn't seem like it at all! Everyone is so busy already too. I am really struggling lately. I have healthy meals but it is everything in between and after my meals that is totally not ETL. I haven't been weighing myself and I feel even pudgier than previously, so I really need to buckle now. Now that I'm not commuting, my goal is a LOT more exercise. And control of snacks.

    Mihani, great goals too!!
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    Mihani, I am very sorry about your dog. I won't be participating in this thread, because I do not like mushrooms. :huh:

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    AW Scott I should have named it March Madness. That was the title I was going to do but I didn't think it fit the theme of ETL.

    Lia: yes going to be a really crazy election. On the Democratic side It looks like Hilary Clinton is going to be indicted, not sure what the Dems will do with that. On the Republican side we have a wild card with Trump. Who know what he will do in office except build a wall.
    Also, sorry to hear you are struggling. That is never fun.

    Mahini: i am wishing for you to take a 1 week vacation this year. I know I need one soon.

    Tough time with cars in our family. Wed night my daughter was driving her car and a branch was protruding into the road and went thru her windshield and damaged the window frame as well. She is fine but the car may need fixing. If the insurance does not cover it she will be out of luck with a car. :(

    We are getting are upstairs to our house refinished. May need to stay in a hotel tonight if it is too smelly.

    Breakfast: green smoothie: spring mix, carrots, blueberries, water, pomegranate juice

    Lunch; cauliflower curry soup, spring mix

    Dinner: not sure if at home soup and salad if out who knows.
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    Mihani wrote: »
    I really love vegan chick’n tenders. They are crazy good comfort food. I actually like them better than I ever liked real chicken fingers I think, although I haven’t eaten meat in so many years I don’t really remember.

    Mihani, I love chick’n tenders and patties, too. But I have to think of them as “junk food” that I can have occasionally. They stay out of sight in the freezer unless I’ve done a good workout that day.

    Mushroom March — good one! The year is whizzing by. I for one LOVE mushrooms!!

    My goals this month are to continue to whittle down that gain from the holidays. (Yes, I’m still working on that same 10 pounds!) I have 8 pounds to go. It’s so slooooww. I’m also planning food to bring with us on our road trip in 5 days. I’m considering bringing my VitaMix, too. If I don’t plan for food on road trips, the pounds really add up.

    I watched a show on obesity in other countries, produced by BBC. Nothing in it negated anything Dr. F says about a healthy diet. In India, China, northern African countries, Spain, Mexico, the stories were the same: the overabundance of fast food joints, sugary drinks, high fat calorie-dense snacks, and eating between meals has changed how people eat, how much they eat, and —this was most interesting— that eating in public in many situations is now considered acceptable, which was not the case traditionally. Certainly, as liapr noted, snacking and late-night eating don’t get me to my goal weight.

    The saddest part was seeing desperate 16 year olds getting gastric bypass surgery, and demoralized 13 year olds at “fat farms” trying to exercise themselves to slim bodies. As a chunky child, I really feel the stigma those kids face. I didn’t know any better then, and neither do they now. Or their parents.

    Daughter participated in our state caucus. I’m thrilled that she is so interested now, and active in her politics. She said it was a zoo, lots of people turning out for it. Big turnouts in our state.

    I forced myself out the door for a bike ride this morning, since it was finally not windy. I’m so out of shape I had to take it slow. But I got out there, that’s what counts for me!
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    But Sloth, mushrooms are good for you!

    Terri glad your daughter wasn’t hurt. Hope the insurance comes through.

    Lisa, you are really thinking ahead about your road trips, those are good ideas. I have put a lot of thought into the snacking thing since reading Dr. F’s books and realizing that when I was younger I rarely snacked. I ate meals, and that was that. I also didn’t have a weight problem through my teens into my 20’s. I was overweight when I was young though, and I too remember being made fun of and not being good at sports and all that. Glad you got out on your bike.

    Lia, any nibbles on the house? I’m sure the anxiety over all the house stuff is making it harder for you to stay on track right now. How is it going for your husband at the new job?

    I am taking tomorrow out of the office. Going to bring some work home. I want to do some things around the house and have a day to myself. I’ll go in Sunday. Still struggling with staying on track, wanting the starchy carby stuff. I think I’m going to have to go totally off all bread/grains for a bit to get rid of those cravings.

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    Road trip starting tomorrow. It may be awhile before I check back in. I'm food prepping today to have healthy food to eat. I just have to remember I don't need much food when I'm sitting in a car all day. 800 calories tops. Even though MFP scolds me for it. Once we get to mom's house, I can take a good walk every day. That's the plan, anyway.

    On the road I'll have steamed broccoli, steamed asparagus, oranges, sliced apples, bananas and just a handful of mixed unsalted raw nuts/dried fruits (good in oatmeal for breakfast). Hmmm. No mushrooms. It's only two road days and then I can cook at mom's house. It helps that I have a cracked crown that I'm also getting fixed in 3 days. I can't eat crunchy stuff till I get that fixed.

    Mihani, you are right. I didn't snack as a child either. I didn't help with cooking; that probably helped a lot. We ate a lot of white flour products, fried food, empty starches, sugary drinks and treats, although very little meat. I attribute my childhood chunkiness to those foods. I'm sure that when I did eat, I ate a lot. Like I do now. I'm trying to change that, too.

    I have my fingers crossed that houses are going to sell soon!
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    Quick check in. In NYC! daughters interview is today. Will be intense. She has 3 American interviews and one Skype interview with a person in Germany in German. Also has to take a written test in German. So about a 4 hour interview.

    Lisa hope your trip is fun.

    House sellers any luck?

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    I love mushrooms!! :smiley:

    MIA last week - my son hurt his sternum and I was his nursemaid. We both missed work/school while he recuperated. Poor kiddo.

    Did my first outdoor walk for the year yesterday. And I was overdressed! In March!! I can honestly say I've never started doing my runs/walks outide this early before. EVER!! I love an early spring. It hardly ever happens here...
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    Agreed, Karrie, I have my office window open today! Wednesday is supposed to be around plus 13 celsius!! Crazy, I love it. But now winter can't come back....

    How is the NYC weather, Terri? Assuming similar to us in Toronto. Hope you are enjoying some sun!

    Hope you're having a great day on the road, Lisa! Great job with all the travel foods prepared, I'm so impressed. Hope your tooth feels okay til you can get it repaired though.

    Thanks for all the house support!! Still not sold but I feel like we are getting closer. Although every day feels like a week lol. We are finally starting to get the spring "traffic" through our place and more serious buyers looking (not just people having a gander). How about you Carla? How is the 10 acres house looking?

    Mihani, hope you got a break on the weekend! even a break from the office is a nice change of scenery.
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    Lisa, my mom was the first mom I knew serving up wheat bread (which back then wasn’t any better than white bread really) but most of my friends were like “blech” lol. She was actually a bit ahead of her time for 1970’s feeding the family. I do have two older brothers though, and would try to keep up with them on eating, so that was a big problem. Teenage boys can eat a heck of a lot more than pre-teen girls lol. Have a great trip! Sounds like you are well prepared to make it mostly ETL.

    Terri, exciting stuff going on for your daughter. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes.

    Glad you’re back Karrie, and that your little man is feeling better, and that you got outside!

    Lia, I wish my office window opened. I would love to have some fresh air. But at least I have a nice big window and see the sun, and all the happy people walking on the sidewalk outside not working. Fingers crossed for a sale soon!

    I’m still struggling. So stressed at work and just not getting my head back in the right place. I am trying though. I am going to adhere to a very strict bedtime this week. Fatigue=hunger for me and always has.

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    Didn't get to walk last night - I got so suddenly sick as I was making supper for my family that I took myself to bed at about 5:30, and slept until almost 7. I still have a congestion headache. :confused:

    Of course after having a big nap like that, I had a bit of a hard time falling asleep when it was time to go to bed for real. I set my alarm early so I could do my walk in the morning, but that was a bust. I'll have to try again tomorrow...
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    Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been checking in. You can be sure that when I'm not checking in, my eating isn't going well. My husband and I are struggling a lot right now, and fell back into some terrible eating patterns. We are working on pulling ourselves out of the pit we're in.

    We've had quite a few people looking at our place, and generally positive feedback, but no offers yet. We had a second couple very eager to see our place for the second time, but now more than a week has gone by and we haven't heard anything from them. It can be disheartening to clean everything up for a showing, then have only a business card left and never hear any feedback. I guess that is just how selling a house goes!

    We haven't put an offer in on the place we like because we are hoping to sell our place first. We have pretty much decided on the the 10 acre property, but we still go back and forth between that one and a 5 acre parcel in town that is a little less private, a lot more expensive, but has good internet (they dropped the price $25k yesterday on this one, which makes it a bit more feasible if we decide to go with it).

    I didn't do too well with Fitness in February, but I should be able to rock mushrooms in March! I have them almost every day, even when I'm not eating that great.

    Karrie, sorry to hear about your headache. Since eating poorly I've been getting them almost daily, but I almost deserve it since I know better! Hope you feel better soon!

    Lia, I hope living with your parents is working out okay. That would be a challenge for me! My fingers are crossed for a quick sale for you!

    Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee w/ coconut creamer, blueberry walnut oatmeal, half a large bag of soft licorice
    Lunch: salad with tahini onions and MUSHROOMS! oh and some vegan italian sausage on top
    Snack: apple or orange
    Dinner: something from the freezer.
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    Karrie, hope you are feeling better. Lots of crud going around here. I had to go renew my driver’s license today (forgot before my birthday) and I used so much hand sanitizer when I left that place I feel fairly impervious lol.

    Carla, I too tend to slack off checking in when I’m not doing well on eating, and really that’s when I should be checking in more because you all keep my mind on my goals. So easy to ignore when I’m not in the zone. Wish you could get the house sold. You and Lia both! I hope tomorrow to see posts from both of you saying you’re in contract! Both properties you are looking at sound lovely.

    Nothing much here, just super stressed and busy with work. I have been working anywhere from 9 to14 hours a day pretty much 7 days a week, and it’s getting to be too much. We got up in the 70’s temperature today though, and I decided not to bring any work home and just enjoy it a little bit. Soak up some vitamin D. The boy dog is doing okay without the other one, but I do think he gets a bit lonely. He has the cats for company, and the female cat has been very affectionate towards him since I had my old gal put down. I think she might feel like he needs extra attention. Something funny, he has been playing mind games with me. I started buying small milk bones a few years ago because they were getting too many treats and I figured it wasn’t so bad if they were small. So the past few days he has been acting like I never gave him his milk bone after his breakfast, he keeps pointing at the container like hey, you forgot. The first couple times I was sleepy and thought well maybe he’s right. But this morning I specifically remember giving it to him. Little moocher put one over on me!

    So I best go outside and play with him, that’s the plan!

    B – raw fit powder blended with spinach, frozen berry mix, chia seeds, water
    L – big ol’ salad
    D – steamed veggies and nooch “cheeze” sauce in a wheat tortilla
    S – a lara bar, and another lara bar… I really can’t have things like that around
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    Hubs made a mushroom curry last night. YUM!!!
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    Mmmmm... mushroom curry!

    Today wasn't so great... several rice cakes. At least they were the organic brown rice kind. I am drowning at work. On the bright side I am getting to bed earlier and that seems to help some. Other than that...

    B - raw fit blended with spinach, chia seeds, frozen berries, water
    L - birds eye teriyaki broccoli... steamer bag thing. Not bad at all taste-wise but I could sure tell lots of salt in it. I'll be paying for that tomorrow.
    D - not sure yet... probably Trader Joe's stir-fry veggies (cooked with water rather than oil), or some OSG tortilla soup from the freezer stash
    S - aforementioned 3 rice cakes

    I am pretty darn sure there is a mouse hanging out under my stove. The cats are on high alert.
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    Mushroom curry sounds great!

    Mihani, a few rice cakes doesn't seem too bad! I think you're doing great, especially considering how busy you are with work! Is there an end in sight to all of that work you're doing?

    Tomorrow I plan to put in some effort and get a broccoli stir fry prepared for dinner. It is tasty, so it is just a matter of setting some time aside and making it before I get too hungry. There's a tablespoon of maple syrup in there, but honestly if that is the worst thing I have tomorrow it will be a huge improvement.

    I'm curious, does anyone here take any Craftsy classes? It isn't related to Eat to Live obviously, but I thought I might have a class in common with someone since I have taken so many :) Mostly sketching and painting for me, but also have taken some quilting classes in the past.

    B - berry banana oatmeal
    L - leftover pizza from yesterday's poor dinner choice
    D - Amy's chili with vegan italian sausage added
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    Carla, I know that Lisa Binco is a crafty gal and so is Karrie. I have no talent whatsoever with crafts. I wish! I did take a class and learned to knit, and actually did pretty well at it. Made a few scarves. That was about the extent of it, I doubt I could do anything more complicated than a scarf. I have tried scrapbooking, painting, drawing, embroidery, sewing, etc. etc. I suck at all of them lol. I would like to take a pottery class one of these days. There has to be something out there that I would find I have talent!
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    Hi guys

    No luck with our house but it's finally feeling like spring so maybe the buyers are coming out!! I do hope we didn't shoot ourselves in the foot trying to sell privately. We are going to look at 4 houses tomorrow, two country and two in town, and I really like one of each of them! Carla, I'm the same as you - scared to commit before we have sold! Eek. But I'm also impulsive and want ALL the houses so I can commence daydreaming lol.

    I would love to be crafty but I never make it a priority!! I really want to make a scrapbook but I never do... what are you considering Carla?

    Mihani, your smoothies sound delicious!! You need a plan for limiting your work stress... I don't know what, but I presume it can't keep being "I'll get ahead one day" and then 10 years goes by!

    Karrie, hope you're feeling better!

    Sabine, mmmmm mushroom curry sounds delish.

    Today I had cauli-power fettuccine which was crazy filling. A big salad and roasted cauli for dinner. Too much cauliflower for one day, if you ask me :)