I can't stop eating junk unhealthy ratting

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It's so hard


  • lizadaze
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    Get it out of your house. Seriously, I had to be hard on myself. There are just certain things I cannot buy or have around me or I will indulge. I finally admitted this to myself and had to keep these things out of the house. At the very least, keep them out of sight and hard to access. I used to give my son his own pantry for his snack items and I stayed out of that cupboard for the most part. I went shopping the other night and forced myself to stay on the perimeter of the store and not mindlessly stroll down isles I might be tempted to get something that I don't need. It worked! Made it home with only healthy stuff in my cart - veggies, meat, yogurt, cottage cheese. Oh and three packs of gum! When I get a snack ataack, I will often chew gum, sometimes, one piece after another! It works for me and gets me through the stress munchies.

    You can do this!