MFP Fitbit Sync Issues



  • secbro
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    NancyN795 wrote: »
    Today looks okay so far, but yesterday is still messed up. Plus, when I try to look at things for yesterday I'm intermittently getting the "Site Temporarily Down for Maintenance" screen. I tried to add a 1 calorie cardio exercise to yesterday, to see if I could force a recalculation, but it didn't fix it.

    I did post a message about it in the help section last night. I don't know if it got their attention.

    Yeah. Half the pages on MFP are giving the "down for maintenance" every other time I try to visit them. Something is broken on their end.
  • Fesanso
    Fesanso Posts: 22 Member
    Today has now corrected itself finally, but yesterday is still wrong. I manually deleted one FB entry for yesterday but the other two error entries for FB wont delete and no new updated figure appears so I now have no FB adjustment showing in the MFP app for yesterday which totally wreaks my weekly figure. Urgh.
  • ashleysmith35
    ashleysmith35 Posts: 10 Member
    Mine seems ok today so far. My day yesterday is completely messed up, and even though I know I shouldn't let it bother me, it does! Hopefully today (and every day going forward) continues to run smoothly.
  • chrisssiex23x
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    Dam fibit. im now having syncing issue to the fibit app :( keeps telling me to reboot device and ive shutdown it twice and its not fixed :S althought its snycing from here to there :S weird
  • songbird13291
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    Today's sync issue. MFP is exporting my food log to Fitbit but not importing my exercise from Fitbit.
  • rockstarginaa
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    Mine is counting extra mystery calories on fitbit for some reason. Yesterday there was an extra 200 calories showing that I did not consume :(
  • ridge4mfp
    ridge4mfp Posts: 301 Member
    Anyone else having sync issues again today? MFP has not updated since around 6am, it's now past noon. One item of note is that my Fitbit itself received some sort of software update about 11am. It is syncing successfully to the Fitbit website, but not MFP.
  • Bibia2418
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    My fitbit and MFP are syncing fine today.