4 - 7 Lbs. in March



  • DorkothyParker
    DorkothyParker Posts: 618 Member
    edited March 2016
    SW (march 1): 123.8
    CW 122.6
    GW: March 31st: 119
    UGW: 112
  • allyheidi
    allyheidi Posts: 20 Member
    CW: 172.6
    GW: to get in the 160s by March 31st
    UGW: 150
    Down a little over 1 pound!
  • brenn24179
    brenn24179 Posts: 2,146 Member
    edited March 2016
    CW 167
    GW 159

    down 2 lbs, was 169
  • spicegal
    spicegal Posts: 19 Member
    I just found this sight (even though I use MFP). I'm looking for motivation and encouragement too. My scale seems to be moving in wrong direction and it makes me sad. I've tried various ways of eating, including counting calories, but scale is not encouraging me. I joined gym and hired personal trainer for strength and toning, but I know calories is what counts.

    Any success ideas you can share with me?

    5'4" 60 yo

    CW 152 (up 8lb in last 6 mos.-too much vacations and junk food)
    GW for March 146
    UGW 130
  • trippekaelina
    trippekaelina Posts: 1 Member
    Starting late but need some support to get the extra 10lbs off by summer. Never really done anything like this before so this is new to me. Hope this helps!

    CW: 140lbs
    GW: 137lbs March 31st
  • PenguinGirl1234
    PenguinGirl1234 Posts: 16 Member
    SW: 122.7
    CW: 121.4
    GW by end of March: 117

    CW: 120.8

    A loss is a loss and I've been feeling really refreshed from clean eating and the exercise, but I'm not going to lie -- I've been a MFP user (intermittently) for the past three years and it is discouraging to see how I've gained weight since the last time I worked so hard to get in shape. I've changed some things up and am really thinking of this new effort as a change in life, not temporary fix. But the progress feels really slow...
  • brenn24179
    brenn24179 Posts: 2,146 Member
    CW: 165
    GW: 159
    lost 4 lbs!
  • musicfan4life30
    musicfan4life30 Posts: 543 Member
    I would love to join this challenge! :) I will be weighing in every Friday morning.

    I'm 5ft 3

    SW for this challenge: 170.8 lbs

    GW: 160's to 150 lbs

    GW March 31: 160 lbs

    UW: 150 lbs
  • I'm 26...
    SW/CW: 145
    GW by end of March: 140
  • shubby30
    shubby30 Posts: 10 Member
    shubby30 wrote: »
    shubby30 wrote: »
    SW (this month): 132.2
    goal for march 31st: 125
    GW: 119

    Monday weigh in 7/3/16 : 130

    was hovering around 130 this entire week but got the tummy bug yesterday and almost fasted whole of yesterday but for some fluids. I know today's weight loss is because of that but iam tracking it anyway.
    Monday weigh in 14/3/16: 129
  • rhondajean1961
    rhondajean1961 Posts: 1 Member
    Was on another plan, but it changed and went crazy....so I'm going with MFP.
    CW: 158.2
    Weighing Saturday Mornings
  • samgamgee
    samgamgee Posts: 398 Member
    5ft 4
    MFP SW: 160
    SW for this challenge (March 1st): 135.8
    March 4th: 134.4
    March 14th: 133
    GW March 31st: 131.8
    UGW: 120
  • 29diamond
    29diamond Posts: 30 Member
    edited March 2016
    My weigh ins are on Sunday's. But ill be posting on Mondays

    SW 3/10: 157.5
    CW 3/13: 156.5

    so this weeks lost was -1 Pound :) Im happy for that pound, now to keep it off :D lol

    This Sunday's goal is to lose 2 pounds.
  • 29diamond
    29diamond Posts: 30 Member
    SW: 165
    CW: 157.5
    GW: March 31st: 153.5
    UGW: 135

    My weigh ins are on Sunday's. But ill be posting on Mondays

    SW 3/10: 157.5
    CW 3/13: 156.5

    so this weeks lost was -1 Pound :) Im happy for that pound, now to keep it off :D lol

    This Sunday's goal is to lose 2 pounds.
  • rumejoy
    rumejoy Posts: 1 Member
    I am joining this late but I hope to join for the last two weeks if that is ok

    6ft 2
    SW for this challenge (today): 197
    GW: 175
    GW March 31: 192
  • MentallyIllin
    MentallyIllin Posts: 21 Member
    5' 5"
    SW: 139
    CW: 133.0
    GW March 31: 130
    UGW: 120
  • m_keezy35
    m_keezy35 Posts: 19 Member
    5' 5"
    SW: 155
    CW: 146.6
    GW March 31: 140
    UGW: 135
  • LeanerLeaner
    LeanerLeaner Posts: 1 Member
    Hi folks! This sounds good to me, despite starting a bit late. I'll adjust for where we are in the month time-wise.
    Recent HW: End-of-November 2015 (around 147.5)
    CW 3/14/16: 136 lbs
    GW 3/31/16: 133 lbs
    UGW: 128
  • misschellechelle
    misschellechelle Posts: 52 Member
    Hey girls! Very interested in setting a March goal with you all.

    GW: 123

    Goal for by March 31st: 126

    We can do this!

    Down to 131! Hope to hit 129 by the end of this week!

    Even though I meet my weekly calorie and exercise goals, the scale didn't move this week. Still 131! It's super frustrating to be doing everything right and not see weight loss. Hopefully this is just a stall week and next week I make progress :)
  • kellybarnes957
    kellybarnes957 Posts: 1 Member
    SW: 267
    CW: 152
    GW March 31st: 149
    UGW: 135