Week #7 - Monday, March 14th - It's Monday Again?

lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
Hi everyone. I'm behind today on many things and realized I hadn't started our thread for this week!

Forgive me.

I am completely wrapped up in many distresses and distractions that fall into the "life happens" and "sometimes it really sucks to be me" category. Major job change, major construction project, a legal battle brewing, and oh yeah, my mom fell and is in the hospital!

Yes, it does sometimes feel like the sky is falling!

But you know what? I haven't let all of this derail me too much. I have been okay with my diet and have been exercising a lot. When I met with my trainer on Saturday, he said I looked happy and motivated. And he's right. Somehow, taking time for me through all this chaos in my life DOES make me happy at least for the time I am doing it and for hours afterwards too.

So that's my world this week. What's going on with all of you?

I look forward to hearing from everyone and read all your posts daily! Sometimes more than once. I will find some time later in the week to respond more. Just know I am thinking of you all and sending you strength and encouragement along the way!


  • Emily4062
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    @lizadaze Your post was so motivating! Good for you for staying on track in the midst of so much craziness!

    I got my snacking under control last week and was shocked to see that I am down 4.2 lbs. That may sound small, but it's big for me and almost halfway to my 12-week goal of losing 10 lbs! Preparing all my lunches last Sunday really helped me eat healthy food at work, too. This week, I'm still fighting the after dinner snacking and trying to be mindful when I eat. Here's to progress!
  • momof2boyz832
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    Good evening ladies and gents... where is the time going..middle of March already. Lizadaze. Sorry to heae of the run of unfortunate events. I am glad t hear you still have your chin up and you are staying in control of you..
    Emily4062.. 4.2lbs is a huge loss...embrace it.. I find meal prep the evening before really helps keep me on track..Monday thru Friday anyways. . The weekends I am usually winging it..trying to learn to make conscience decisions on my own..sometimes it works ☺..
    I am still hitting the gym 5-6 times a week for 90min sessions..Sunday was weigh in/measure up day.. I was not impressed with my numbers..the silver lining is the clothes fit looser, people are commenting to my gym commitment (I go during noon and immediately following shift) and I'm seeing changes in my muscle tone..
    I am also trying to remember I am not a scientific freak.. there is no way to eat at a deficit...work *kitten* off at the gym and not see results...it's just going to take a bit if time...and I am in it for the long haul. This is the point in time where I get fustrated and lose focus. . This time is going to be different..

    That being said lunch for tomorrow needs to be packed.. Take care of yourselves and keep your chin up.. One step forward at a time..
  • curlymop3
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    Thanks everyone for those posts.
    Especially @momof2boyz832 you're right - it has got to pay off eventually, like you would usually get frustrated and lose focus (well I have, but now refocussing!)
    Copying my status from newsfeed below:
    • Not giving up, but jolly tempted to throw in the towel. So, I need to see learning 'how to handle' a small downhill as actually a positive learning experience. Do it once and I can do it again next time there is a blip, until keeping going gets easier, doesn't that sound right? Hoping to see the scales go down not up, sooner rather than later would be nice.
    • Who said "progress not perfection"? That is a helpful thought right now.
    • Eating a whole box full of macarons was tasty at the time this morning, but discouraging after. Going for a blast on my mountain bike just now felt hard work up the hills, but leaves a much better after taste. And for sure all those squats have given me extra speed up the hills, can stay in a higher gear than this time last year!
    • kesslemg
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      Well, better late than never. Sorry for not posting sooner. I've had a rough week. I thought that I was doing pretty good this week but am up a bit. Having my monthly visitor probably doesn't help. Everyone at my office buys lunch at work so I tried doing that this week. I found that it doesn't work for me. The hospital has a really great cafeteria. I did get salads most every day but I must have underestimated the calories. I willing be packing my lunch this week as long as there are left overs to be had. I need to do better at logging my food as well. I haven't been logging fine and that may have hurt me. This week consistency is key.