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    Lia, cauli-power fettucini sounds interesting. Recipe? I do hope you get a contract soon and can get on with life! I've been thinking things will settle down for 10 years, been at my present job 17 years (I think... maybe 18). I vaguely recall being fairly caught up years ago, but not lately lol.

    The girl cat is totally on high alert, and I even myself heard the mouse moving around under the stove tonight so I know it is there. I may have to go buy a trap. It hurts my little vegan heart to think about killing it, but at the same time I can't have rodents living rent-free under my appliances! Fortunately I have not seen any sign that it was ever up on the counters or anywhere else. You can tell, they leave their little droppings all over the place. We had them in the office a few times and there would be mouse turds ALL over my desk in the mornings. Gross.

    Today was better... my master plan of getting enough sleep is working. I am not as hungry, what Dr. Joel would probably call false hunger. Still not anywhere close to 100% ETL though...

    B - oatmeal with blueberries and a few walnuts
    L - skipped it, super busy just snacked
    D - baked potato with some peas and steamed kale
    S - blue corn chips, silk soy yogurt, and an apple

    I noticed today, skipping lunch and just eating a snack here and there, that I didn't get into that afternoon slump. I know that eating during the day tends to make me more tired, and I was reminded today that not eating lunch is a lot better for me.
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    HI All,

    NYC was nice. The interview went well but they want one more interview with the partner in Germany. So, no word on that one yet.

    The hotel we stayed at gave out free hot chocolate chip cookies. I should have refrained It set off a bender for the next few days. I think i am back on track today.

    Work has been super busy this week. I was hoping to have a lighter day tomorrow but no such luck. Both Friday and Saturday are jam packed.

    I made mushroom stroganoff for dinner. So yummy.
    Sabine your mushroom curry sounds yummy can you share the recipe.

    Hope everyone selling their houses gets offers pretty soon. So, stressful.

    Mahini: I am with you. I am not crafty at all. Wish I was.

    Breakfast: oatmeal w/ banana and blueberries, greens and mushroom
    lunch: green juiceh
    dinner mushroom stroganoff w/ spinach.

    So I ate 1 lb of mushrooms today. Maybe next week I will follow LIa's lead and eat cauliflower.

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    I am super crafty; I live to craft. Everything else just gets in my way. I love making things with my hands. I knit, sew, crochet, scrapbook, cross-stitch, quilt, and I've even done stained glass. I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff... At work, I've gotten 3 people started with knitting, because that's my current obsession. So at coffee and lunch, we all have our projects out and I help them understand their patterns, or help them fix their mistakes. It's quite the club I've started! :smiley:

    I have signed up for a bunch of Craftsy classes over the years, but I've only actually completed one - it was a blouse sewing class, and it was fantastic. The blouse turned out beautifully and I'll be making it again in both versions as soon as I can. The rest of my classes are all sewing and a couple of knitting ones. If you're interested in any of the ones that I've already got, I'd be happy to work through it at the same time as you; I've already told myself that I'm not allowed to pay for more of them until I actually work through the ones I have - I've probably enrolled for about 20 of them!!! (yikes!!)

    I've been off the rails since my DS hurt himself. I tried juicing, but my heart's just not in it anymore. And I've been eating way too many carbs. My TOM has been messing with me a lot. Fortunately in all this, I've only gained 3 lbs, but I know I need to get back on program already!! This weekend I want to get some groceries and prep some meals for the week. Get back in the game...
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    Here's a pair of socks I finished just last Friday. :smile:
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    Karrie, I love that you are super into crafting too! Yay! :) I had to get that out first, followed closely with omg I LOVE those socks!!! gorgeous pattern with the tight flatter front, diamond shape point, circle pattern and ribbed top. None of the right words for the pattern because I don't know how to knit, but they are super awesome. I wish I could join your knitting club. No one I know knits and I think it would be very hard to learn online with a Craftsy class. I'd also love to try stained glass at some point. I have a friend that used to do it, but didn't have the space once he moved. Once I move to our new place, hopefully I'll have some room and can enlist his help getting started.

    I have signed up for so many Craftsy classes! I have finished watching a number of them but am pretty bad about following through on all of the 'homework.' Every time they have their half off sale, I end up picking up one or two more. I think at this point i have almost every single sketching class they have, so it is a little safer for me now. I have 3 quilts that are pieced but I haven't quilted them yet, so I really should get them done too. They are queen sized and daunting for me to quilt on a home machine.

    Lia, I would consider any class if you are interested in both taking one some time. Probably now isn't a great time for either of us, but if you're ever up for it, browse through let me know which ones interest you.

    Mihani, I bet you could be great at whatever craft you set your mind to. Mostly, what you are most lacking in is time!! Today in one of my online classes, the instructor was talking about how people always call her talented and she says that it isn't so much talent as it is putting in a lot of time and effort over the years. As far as the mouse issue, I know what you mean. We owned our current house for several months before we were able to move in full time, and as a result had a few mice move in. We had to get rid of them but I felt very bad about it. I admit, I passed the responsibility on to my husband. Poor hubby!

    Terri, isn't it crazy how one bad decision leads to so many more. I wish I was better at getting back on track because it seems like there will always be bumps along the way and it is how we deal with those that is more important and realistic than never screwing up. Glad you had a good trip!

    No good news on the eating front. My husband and I make a great team whether we are doing awesome or enabling each other and eating everything in sight. I want to stay involved in the group and hope to get re-inspired, but I don't think it will help anyone to read about my poor choices.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Karrie those are so cute!

    I'm off to the office. Went out with a friend last night, haven't seen her in months, and it was nice catching up and reminiscing.
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    Thanks, Carla, for the kind words about my socks. :smiley: I have a lot of fun knitting, and I can do it in the car, on a plane, at the beach in Mexico (yes, I did!) and on the couch in front of the TV. That's probably the single-most reason that it's my #1 craft. That and the finished pieces, of course...

    My Craftsy classes are almost all sewing, so let me know if you ever buy one of those. I'm like you too; whenever they do a 50% off sale, I usually add a couple more classes to my list. But I really have to stop doing that until I finish the ones I've already paid for!!!

    A tip for the queen size quilting on a home machine. Lay your quilt onto the floor and roll it up in the same direction that you're going to quilt it - so if you're quilting diagonally, you roll it up diagonally too. Move your sewing machine to the middle of a big table. I'm lucky because I have a board room table in my craft room. So I have lots of room. If you don't have that, you might need to sit at the middle of your dining room table... Your rolled end will be on the outside of the machine when you stitch your first row. Then you'll have to gradually roll up the inside edge as you move into the middle of your quilt. It's time-consuming, but totally do-able. I've made 2 queen sized quilts (and several twin sized ones) on my home machine. Just tackle it piece by piece. Stay calm. And don't throw your machine out the window when it gets frustrating, even though you might want to!! :lol:

    Mihani, I agree with Carla - you can definitely be great at whatever craft you set your mind to if you can find the time to do it.

    My son was sick again over the weekend. I don't know what's up with him. So I didn't get all the prep and planning done that I wanted, because I was a nursemaid, again. I feel so bad for him whenever he's sick, and even moreso when it's all condensed into a 2-to-3 week period. Poor kiddo... Sinusitis, cough, fever, trampoline injury, and stomach flu all within 3 weeks. What the heck...???

    The good news in all that is that I've maintained my weight for the last 2-3 weeks. The bad news is that I'm not losing. I feel really lumpy right now, and I know if I could lose another 15-20 lbs I would feel a lot better, so I'm considering juicing again. But I seriously don't know if I have the same willpower that I had in January. I have to wrap my head around it...
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    Terri are things slowing down at all at work for you? I’m still drowning… waah! Boss is off on vaca next week though, trying to cover all our deadlines and then next week I hope I can do some catching up.

    Lia any nibbles on the house? Have you seen anything you like as far as buying?

    Carla, I’m not super talented with crafts. Maybe I could learn to be, but yeah time is an issue for sure.

    Aww Karrie.. your poor little guy is really having a rough time lately. Great job maintaining through all that.

    Today was better for me… I just wasn’t feeling too hungry is why. I think the stress at work is finally affecting my appetite in a good direction lol. Still need to get away from the pre-fab food, but I’ve been so busy that cooking is the furthest thing from my mind. I am going to try to concentrate more on veggies and fruit and less on thinking I need a meal. Nothing wrong with throwing a can of beans, some diced tomatoes, and some frozen kale in a pan with spices and having nearly instant soup either.

    B – kind bar
    L – Amy’s thai curry
    D – big ol’ salad
    S – apple and 6 almonds
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    After typing all that yesterday, I kinda resolved to get back to juicing.

    So last night I went to bed at 10:30. Later than I should have, but much earlier than normal. So it's a good start.

    This morning I got up at about 5:30 - again, later than I wanted, but a fantastic start. I did a half hour brisk walk on the treadmill with 2 zombie chases. :sweat_smile: A great start!

    Then, I got ready for my day and then started making my juices for the day. I had a juice while I was preparing more, and then I got the kids fed, lunches made and sent them off to school.

    A very productive morning!! :smile:

    And a very good start. There are 16 more days in March. If they're all as good as today, I will have made some good progress towards my weight loss goal, AND my running goals. Yay me!! :wink:

    Mihani, you need to take a vacay your own self!!! You are a machine. I still don't know how you do it... I need my downtime. I'd probably go postal without it.... :lol:
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    Awesome start indeed Karrie! Woohoo!

    Another long day at work, going to bed super early tonight I'm sooo tired. Three more workdays and the boss is off on his vacation. I have all the deadlines covered through the end of the month but one... still waiting for some info from the client and I have fairly high hopes it will get done. I sure hope things stay somewhat quiet next week and I have a chance to do some serious catching up.

    B - raw fit mixed with water
    L - birds eye teriyaki broccoli
    D - going to make a nice big salad
    S - 2 lundberg brown rice cakes, a few almonds (should have had fruit...)
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    Way to go Karrie! Good day 1.

    Mahini: work has been really busy again. I finally hired some help because I could not keep up.

    This Friday my children come home from college. Looking forward to that. Although my husband has to go back to Japan next week :(

    Nothing else new to report.

    No time to eat all day.
    dinner: large kale salad, pumpkin soup, papaya
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    I was stiff this morning, so no treadmill (I'm allowing myself to ease into it - don't need any injuries!!), but I did get myself out of bed anyway so I can get into the habit. I made my juices this morning again too. :smile:

    Scale is moving in the right direction again - just need to maintain this long enough to see new losses!! :smile:

    Mihani, I hope you get ahead of the game during your boss' absence - wouldn't that be a treat?!?!?!!
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    Mihani, are things always so busy at work or is this just the season? I hope you get some down time soon! You do such a good job of keeping your food choices healthy no matter what. Yes, a few snacks here and there, but you rock it.

    Karrie, what a great morning you had! Good job keeping the zombies at bay! I sent you a craft related message btw.

    We haven't sold our house yet and people have stopped coming to see it. Definitely not enough activity so we are going to drop the price this week. Also, the home on 10 acres with the pool that we'd decided on is now under contract. It is contingent on the sale of a home, so we still have a shot. In the meantime we're scrambling to look at some more places so that we have a backup or two. It is pretty stressful and I've been eating terribly and not sleeping well. The combination is causing major headaches. I go to bed with them and wake up with them. I know I have to get back on track.
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    Hi all, work is nuts. Boss off on vaca Saturday and hope I can get some catching up done next week while he's gone. I intend to do a really strict 6 week plan week while he's gone. Right now I can't even breathe!
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    Carla, I 10000% hear you on the house stuff!! Sounds like you're going through same stuff as us. I hope this weekend is it for both of us! Lol. And that you still end up with the 10 acre property. I am also stress eating and kind of a mess this weekend but I am finally mellowing out. I take this stuff too personally. Also, am totally up for a crafting class together! Any ideas? Maybe something to look forward to when we are both done this process lol.

    Karrie, awesome job!! Woohoo!! Am also impressed by the "pacing yourself". I am seriously missing the treadmill which is actually a nice feeling lol.

    Mihani, excited for you to be able to breathe! I wish we could all chip in and get you an assistant lol.

    Terri, wow, does your husband go to Japan often? Nice that you will still have some company while you're gone!

    TGIF all :) Hoping you all have lovely Saturdays and Sundays (and some relaxation time too). I really need some new recipes this weekend... I'm suddenly all soup-ed and stew-ed out!
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    I made this recipe yesterday everybody liked it

    Author: Macaroni Squash from The China Study Cookbook
    Cuisine: Main Dish
    Serves: 4

    1 16-oz box cooked whole wheat macaroni (i used gf macaroni)
    1 medium onion, diced
    1 clove garlic, minced
    2 tablespoons vegetable broth
    2 cups cooked butternut squash, mashed
    ½ cup raw cashews (I used tahini)
    ½ cup soy milk
    ½ cup water
    2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
    2 tablespoons white miso
    Sea salt to taste

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    Preheat oven to 350˚F.
    Place cooked macaroni in a large baking dish and set aside.
    Saute onion and garlic with 2 tablespoons vegetable broth in a large skillet over medium high heat. Add squash and cook until just heated through. Add to macaroni and mix well.
    Process cashews, milk, water, nutritional yeast, and miso in a food processor until smooth.
    Pour over macaroni mixture and mix well. Season with salt. Then cover with foil, and bake for 15 minutes.
    Tip: Butternut squash can be purchased both in the frozen food section and in the produce section

    and I always like this one and I serve it with cauliflower mashed "potatoes"

    Mushroom Stroganoff

    Serves: 4
    Preparation Time: 20 minutes

    1 medium onion, chopped
    1 clove garlic, minced
    1 pound mushrooms, thinly sliced
    2 tablespoons fresh lemon Juice
    1 tablespoon fresh tarragon, chopped or 1 teaspoon dried tarragon (fresh parsley)
    1 tablespoon sweet paprika
    1 tablespoon black pepper
    1 cup no-salt-added or low sodium vegetable broth
    3 tablespoons tahini (or 3 tablespoons unhulled sesame seeds pureed with 1/4 cup water)

    In a nonstick skillet, water sauté onion and garlic until soft. Add mushrooms and continue cooking until mushrooms soften and lose their moisture. Add lemon juice, tarragon and paprika and mix well.

    Blend vegetable broth and tahini. (Heating the broth makes blending easier.)

    Pour over mushroom mixture and mix well. Simmer until mixture thickens slightly or until desired consistency.

    Delicious served over smashed steamed cauliflower, parsnips or baked potato or on a bed of steamed kale or spinach.
    Per Serving:
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    Back from my trip!

    Mihani, I feel your pain. Love your pet stories, too. Our “killer” garage cat is a master mouser and I’m thankful that she keeps our garage rodent-free. She also eats most of the critter, too, so it’s little muss to clean up. It’s not very vegan of me, but I can’t share the garage (or the house) with mice. Whereas our inside cats actually bring in all sorts of unfortunate critters to “share” with us. If alive, I take them far out in the field and release them. Now we have a whole town out there of rodent “abductees.”

    tdh1991, I hear you about cookies. I’m having a hard time getting back to basics after a sudden descent into food madness at my mom’s house. I ate a deviled egg for the first time in years, and went totally overboard on those Kirkland deluxe unsalted mixed nuts that mom keeps in the cupboard. And wine. Oh, man, too much wine, especially white wine, is actually a sugar trigger for me and unfortunately I drink more during visits with my siblings. It triggers a starch craving that is difficult to control when not sober. LOL!

    The time change always throws me off. I’ve had a hard time getting to sleep before 1:00 am lately. Then I’m groggy when I wake up. I’m vowing to be in bed by 11:00 pm tonight no matter how awake I feel. I need at least 7 hours a night just to feel normal.

    Lia, I thought of you recently. Hubby and I are thinking of selling our large property and moving in with my mother for a bit, since she really needs someone everyday. But the thought of living with my mother makes me cringe. I love her, but… she drives me crazy. I’m sure I drive her nuts, too. She loves hubby, though. He can do no wrong.

    Fingers are still crossed for you house-sellers!!

    Yes, I do Craftsy! I’m LisaBinCO there. Mostly knitting classes, like the short-row class, but quilting, too, like a walking-foot quilting class. Plus lots of free patterns and how-to things. I recently made a purse out of one of hubby’s old sweaters. There was enough sweater left to make leggings (from the sleeves) and fingerless mitts, too. I’m a member of 3 quilt guilds and 1 knitting group locally, too. Crafting is cheaper than therapy for me.

    Kerrie, LOVE those socks!! Very nice. As a (not very advanced) sock knitter, I totally appreciate the work you did on those lovely socks. Hope to hear your son is feeling better.

    Today I’m making Green Bean Marsala for hubby and I. Lots of mushrooms!! I’ve got to get this extra 10 pounds off; I’m just not happy with this aging body’s extra weight. So another day, another chance to get back on the wagon!
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    Hi Everybody, and welcome back Lisa! I had some kind of virus hit me on Friday, I had to leave the office early and was sick pretty much all weekend, barely out of bed more than a couple hours at a time. Still can't really eat anything but a couple crackers without feeling like I'm going to throw up. I went to the office for a few hours yesterday but couldn't make it any longer. I feel a bit better today so I hope I can make it through the day. I'll catch up later.
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    Mihani, I think I shared the same bug as you - I woke up on Friday morning feeling really ill. Spent about an hour being sick before anyone else even woke up. Then I had the chills so bad I had to jump into the shower. My hubby just assumed it was me getting ready for the day. Until I climbed back into bed as I was giving everyone instructions on what they had to do for me. Then I slept on and off (but mostly on) for the next 31 hours!! I tried to get up to watch TV, but then I was dizzy and got the chills again, so I jumped in the tub to warm up and then dragged my sorry butt back to bed. And then at about 8pm, I dragged myself out on the couch for about a half hour to spend the last bit of the day with the kids, but I couldn't even sit up to do that; I had to lay down... And then I sent them off to bed and went straight back to bed myself. How pathetic.

    Thanks for your praise of my socks, Lisa! For years I only made 1 sock pattern over and over and over again. And I gifted most of them to friends & family, so I didn't even have any in my own sock drawer! But in the last year, I've never made the same sock pattern twice. I've made about 14 pair, I think - maybe 15. And I've got another pair in progress right now. :smile: I love making things - especially useful things that I can wear over and over and over. Makes me happy!
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    Oh no, so much sickness going aroudn! How is everyone feeling today? Karrie and Mihani, sounds like you were both knocked out. I woke up suddenly with a bad cold too actually, and no idea where it came from. It's just a cold, so I'm fine, more an annoyance and I feel like it makes me slower/dumber at work.

    Karrie, love that you make your own socks! Are they extra warm? You are inspiring me to try something!

    Mihani, did you make it through today? My gosh, hope you were able to eat something more today.

    Lisa, welcome home! Sounds like a fun time with your family! I hear you though. I remember reading somethign about the psychology of eating with family or eating back at your old home and now that I am living at home, it has quieted down but it's still hard. I feel like treating myself all the time! And there are all these things and foods that I would never stock at my place. I get along really well with my family but my gosh, this weekend was trying. It felt crowded and we decorated easter cookies for next weekend and everyone was on each other's nerves. Any room or in-law suite on your property for your mom instead, Lisa? Or would it be better to go to her? Funny about your mom thinking so highly about your hubby lol.

    Thanks for the recipes as always, Terri!

    Also, we had tons of people looking at our house yesterday but no feedback since then. I really am not good at being patient...

    Short week this week (woohoo) because Monday has kinda sucked. Anyone have plans for the long weekend?