Week #8 - Monday, March 21 - Making Progess

lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
Hello fitness goal achievers!

Thanks for all the great posts last week. Everything you all said is so true! And we are making progress, regardless of the little slips or moments of doubt.

There is more than the number on the scale to show ones progress. For me, I am much more active, stronger, have more energy and can move around in the world with much more ease and confidence.

Then, I have become much more conscientious about my food choices. I'm dining out quite a bit right now and I find that I'm being much more thoughtful about my choices and balancing out the rest of the day.

I have found stress relief in exercise. My body now craves to move. My clothes are looser. And people have recently noticed that I'm losing weight.

Perhaps for the first time in a long time, I actually believe now that I can do this for the rest of my life. That the changes I am making and the new habits and focus on my wellbeing are things I've been missing and ignoring in my life. And that I am worth the effort I am making to change my life.

So what are your NSV's (non-scale victories)?


  • curlymop3
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    @lizadaze your posts are wonderful, honest and inspiring, memorable too :-)
    Exercise for stress relief is the way to go, for sure.

    I'm fit and healthy - resting pulse is 58 and recovers fast even after uphill cycle (thanks to weights I reckon)

    I'm keeping going. Like many said last week, I would usually struggle to keep going, then it would e even harder to start again with a memory of 'failure'.

    I'm learning to deal with blips, they are only blips. I'm explaining successfully to hubby how to be supportive (he always wanted to be supportive, but didn't know what I wanted - maybe because I wasn't sure what I wanted)

    Posture has improved, slightly better core strength, not an easy thing to regain after four kids.

    Am less dizzy when exercising. Don't know why, but there it is.

    This week:
    Scales actually down a bit a last, catching up with me. 4 1/2 lb gone aiming at about 28 lb eventually. It doesn't have to be in a hurry.

    Goal is to LOG FOOD. I was so careful the first week, and it meant I considered everything before I ate it. I do plan the family evening meal a week at a time, so have a healthy plan for if they are having pie etc for dinner.
  • momof2boyz832
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    Hello and good evening..another week has flown by.. it has been an 'ok' week for me...exercised 5 days out of 7..logging of food waivered at times. The scale was showing some improvements and it gave me the extra boost to tackle the weights this moring. I have noticed an increase in strength and stamina. I normally walk on the treadmill but find myself wanting to run. It's all good.. this week I need to focus more on logging accurately and staying away from those treats that tempt me...
    Lizadaze, glad to hear you are also noticing positive changes which are a result of consistent exercise.. at times I wonder how I ever fall off the wagon when I feel so pumped...
    Curlymop3 .. .congrats on accepting the blips..it's all part of the journey.. keep an eye on the blood pressure.. it would be nasty to have you passing out while exercising. ..been there done that
  • kesslemg
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    Hello everyone! It's seems like we are all in this for the long haul. I honestly don't know where I would be without this group. Thank you @lizadaze for starting it. This week I must log my food. As for NSV's I'm not sure. I guess it would be that I am more conscious of my food choices and trying to balance them out if I eat out or fall off the wagon a bit. I'm more active because of my fitbit and strive to get more than 10,000 steps.