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Friday's Weekly Weigh-in

Brittles927 Posts: 348 Member
Hey guys, just to keep us accountable we'll be weighing in weekly on Fridays!
(No biggy if you weigh in on a different day, just don't forget to share!)

Please post here to do so :)




  • jessica182517
    jessica182517 Posts: 396 Member
    Are we doing SW as the SW we are now starting the challenge at? and then GW for the GW of -55lbs?
  • Brittles927
    Brittles927 Posts: 348 Member
    If you want to do the starting weight as what it was was the day you started the challenge that would work :) and then your CW would be what it is when you weigh in on Friday, and then GW would be what your GW is for Sept 1st :)
  • jessica182517
    jessica182517 Posts: 396 Member
    yes :) I think that would be great! That way we can keep track of where we are and how well we are doing in the challenge :)
  • Brittles927
    Brittles927 Posts: 348 Member
    Sounds good to me :)
  • Mirabelle_Out
    Mirabelle_Out Posts: 152 Member
    SW: 258
    CW: 258 (haven't weighed in yet)
    GW: 200

    dining out!!!
  • Be_Lively
    Be_Lively Posts: 145 Member
    SW (for this challenge): 257
    CW: 234.6, I will make it an even 254 since it's an early morning weigh in.
    GW for March 31: 252
    GW for challenge: 202
  • CandyPo
    CandyPo Posts: 13 Member
    SW: 264
    CW: 262.6
    GW: 209
  • briadams7
    briadams7 Posts: 5 Member
    edited March 2016
    Changing behaviors:
    1. Start very small
    2. Do only one change at a time
    3. Be present and enjoy the activity - do not focus on results
    4. Be grateful for every step you take
    In programming this is called an algorithm. It's a series of steps that you can apply to make any change, no matter what your situation. - Anon.

    My change for this next week - make sure there are 2 fruits and 5 veg in the house for each day-ready to eat.
  • briadams7
    briadams7 Posts: 5 Member
    edited March 2016
    SW: 244
    CW: 244
    GW: 189
    I think this accountability will be very helpful to me. Thanks for setting it up.

    "Stop intending to do so much, and start doing less with more intention."-Anon.
  • NewOR2015
    NewOR2015 Posts: 1,015 Member
    edited March 2016
    For this challenge:
    3-19 SW:211
    3-25 CW:211
    (9-1) GW:190

    Struggle: Spring break interfered, but I will get those pounds down by March 31. :)
  • DianeJK
    DianeJK Posts: 2 Member

    This would be a great support group. I have started my journey Jan 6 and have lost 39 lbs already. Feeling great but have a lot farther to go, thanks for all your ideas I have read and support!!!!
  • JuliaDiscoFit
    JuliaDiscoFit Posts: 20 Member
    Mar 19:SW-200
    Mar 25:CW-194
    Sep 01:GW-155

    - I have been sick all week so in all likelihood a one-time large loss. Won't be surprised if I gain next week.
  • Brittles927
    Brittles927 Posts: 348 Member
    Mar 19: SW - 226
    Mar 25: CW - 223
    Sep 01: GW - 170

    Struggles: There is always chocolate available to me at work :s
    Successes: I lost 3lbs! Just need to lose 2 more next week to be on track for this month :)

    You guys are doing awesome, keep up the great work!

    @briadams7 Great info, thanks for sharing!

    @JuliaDiscoFit Sorry you were sick, hope you feel better soon! Congrats on getting into "One-derland" though ! :)

  • Citycat2015
    Citycat2015 Posts: 86 Member
    SW - 230
    CW - 227.5
    GW - 175
  • amylynn082
    amylynn082 Posts: 7 Member
    Mar 22: SW - 185.2
    Mar 25: CW - 184.6
    Sep 01: GW - 140

    I moved my weigh in day so I could be on track with the group. Not a big loss, but I'll take any number that's less than the than the previous! ;)

    Struggles/Success: These go hand in hand for me this week. Food is always my biggest struggle, especially as I shop and cook for our extended family. I was so proud of my shopping cart...until I started on the rest of the families list. I don't even like pop tarts, but boy do they look good sometimes!

    Great work everyone! :)
  • Mirabelle_Out
    Mirabelle_Out Posts: 152 Member

    SW: 258
    CW: 255.6
    GW: 205

    Struggles: Ate out 3 times this week! Will work on eating out less next week!!
    Successes: able to still lose!!!
    Goals: more water and less eating out!!
  • kksmom1789
    kksmom1789 Posts: 282 Member
    SW: 197.6
    CW: 182
    GW: 125
  • Georgianbaygirl67
    Georgianbaygirl67 Posts: 98 Member
    Today is my first official day, so I am using today's weight of 231 as my start. I started MFP at 260.
    SW: 231
    My entire household has been sick on and off for the past 3 weeks. Need to get back in to exercise mode even if just 15 min to start. Happy Esster everyone!
  • Amay33
    Amay33 Posts: 66 Member

    I gained this week do to indulging in homemade smoke fish and that time of the month should be arriving soon this weekend.


    Struggles- staying positive, not sure how much more winter I can take. I just want to get back outside with my littles.

    Successes- inches have come off, not enough for me to drop a size or feel great but it's a awesome feeling to see the tape go down in inches. Really Keeps me focused.
  • Mirabelle_Out
    Mirabelle_Out Posts: 152 Member
    @Amay33 you are the second person I have seen on here to do inches! I think I may have to take some measurements!!!