Friday's Weekly Weigh-in



  • alzo42
    alzo42 Posts: 8 Member

    I crush my daily calories during the week, but the weekends are hard to stay focused. Husband and kids are home, we go out, have fun, get treats, eat whatever. Need to get a handle on that!

    I have a personal goal for exercising 5x a week - the fifth day this week was BRUTAL. Anyone else struggle towards the end of the week?
  • joannemonette1
    joannemonette1 Posts: 99 Member
    Happy Easter weekend everyone.

    Today's my first check in with this group :smile:

    SW: 192
    CW: 182.2
    GW: 129


    Struggles - Because my system is still adjusting to diet changes, I'm experiencing a little constipation. Hate, hate, hate that.

    Successes: Good week - Cravings are starting to disappear. Weight is starting to come off. Finally saw some waistline improvement - one inch since I started.

    It seems like only yesterday when I started this journey. I tried starting in January but couldn't commit. It seems like it takes a horribly embarrassing clothing faux pas to finally make that happen :neutral:

    I knew my weight was getting really bad when a pair of recently purchased jeans -- that fit perfectly when I bought them -- I literally had to take them apart and adjust the waistline just to get them big enough to put on. That's when I finally felt committed.
  • Mirabelle_Out
    Mirabelle_Out Posts: 151 Member
    @alzo42 weekends are my hardest. Too much free time. I have been trying to plan snacks and my schedule a head of time. This helps with the mindless snacking
  • Amay33
    Amay33 Posts: 66 Member
    Well I added mine up from my stomach area alone. It totalled over 15" I had to do the math a few times. I do above belly around belly and below. I still don't see it but from three places stretched out I can see why. Makes me keep giving it my all.
  • beccalamarche
    beccalamarche Posts: 13 Member
    SW: 274
    CW: 268.5 (5.5lbs lost this week)
    GW: 219 (Sept 1st)

    It was a pretty good week, although I expected a bit more loss since this is my first week back on it and I have a lot to lose. But I'm happy to be down 5.5 pounds! My biggest struggle was just keeping positive and not being too restrictive because I've been at the beginning before. I lost about 50 pounds, then gained it all back, plus 11 pounds. But I'm determined to reach all my goals this time and not give up or gain it back! My biggest success was helping motivate my mom to start using MFP and get back on track!
  • jessica182517
    jessica182517 Posts: 390 Member
    SW:205.6 (for this challenge)
    CW: 204.6
    GW: 150 (sept 1st)

    I started on wed and was able to lose a whole pound in 2 days! woohoo lol I had a little bit of an off day yesterday but still tried to keep my portions normal. No real exercise yet, I am still trying to adjust to my new schedule back to work after maternity leave but plan to add in 30 day shred or some sort of daily workout soon.
  • KaelynnSilny
    KaelynnSilny Posts: 1 Member
    SW: 243
    CW: 242
    GW: 188

    This is my first community challenge. I joined two days ago I think? I am excited to have some extra structure to help me stay a little more accountable.
  • Bibia2418
    Bibia2418 Posts: 80 Member
    SW: 210
    CW: 199
    GW: 150

    I'm new here. I've been on MFP for 19 days. Just found this group the day before yesterday!
  • marylmartin22
    marylmartin22 Posts: 5 Member
    SW: 200
    CW: 195.8
    GW: 145

    Struggles: eating snacks vs a meal! Have to break the cycle!
    Successes: logging for 10 days!
  • ScottW3142
    ScottW3142 Posts: 498 Member
    SW 306.4
    CW 305
    GW 251 (for challenge)

    A loss is a loss. We'll take it.
  • Mirabelle_Out
    Mirabelle_Out Posts: 151 Member
    Go is!
  • Mirabelle_Out
    Mirabelle_Out Posts: 151 Member
    Or go us!!! Whichever lol
  • Be_Lively
    Be_Lively Posts: 145 Member
    Be_Lively wrote: »
    SW (for this challenge): 257
    CW: 234.6, I will make it an even 254 since it's an early morning weigh in.
    GW for March 31: 252
    GW for challenge: 202

    Oops. I mean 253.6 not 234.6! I wish!
  • Shull_rachael
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    edited March 2016
    I'm disappointed with this..)=
  • NewOR2015
    NewOR2015 Posts: 1,017 Member
    Congratulations to everyone who had a weight loss this week! And for those of us who didn't, we still succeeded by logging in and being accountable. Looking forward to greater success on March 31st. :)
  • Lauren2885
    Lauren2885 Posts: 3 Member
    SW:305 (March 1st)
  • nsellers21
    nsellers21 Posts: 7 Member
    SW (for challenge) 216.8
    CW 214
    GW 161.8
  • Cynsonya
    Cynsonya Posts: 668 Member
    Just found the group! How exciting!!
    My numbers for this challenge:

    SW: 299
    CW: 299
    GW: 244
  • MonicaT3
    MonicaT3 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone! Just joined today...

    SW: 243
  • wrknonmedaily
    wrknonmedaily Posts: 203 Member

    Hi all,

    SW: 243
    CW: 226.8
    GW: 170

    Let's get this done!