Week #9 - Monday March 28th - It's Never Too Late

lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delayed start to the week. It was a crazy day and weekend with the Easter holiday. I am seriously off track with eating and indulging my sweet tooth. But it has to end, like now!!

Good thing is that I got all the crap out of my house. Gave away leftover Easter breads and desserts tonight and am hanging up my baking apron for a while.

I am going to kick my diet into gear starting tomorrow and get back into my high protein plan. I can honestly say that a week off plan has made me feel tired and sluggish. Nothing tastes as good to be worth what it cost me in feeling like crap and having to go through sugar withdrawals again.

My plan is to finish the last four weeks strong and push myself like never before. I'd be thrilled to lose 5 - 10 pounds over the next four weeks. But that's only going to happen if I reign in my eating.

Let's do it people!! What can you do over the next four weeks to end kick yourself into gear and finish strong?


  • kesslemg
    kesslemg Posts: 47 Member
    I'd love to finish strong! I'm back to living my good. I also was of plan over the weekend. With all the company here and the Easter holiday I definitely over indulged, especially with the wine. Let's do this!!
  • lizadaze
    lizadaze Posts: 118 Member
    @kesslemg I love that quote, "I'm back to living my good." That's exactly what I'm after this week. Getting back to my good, serious, dedicated and ready to finish this next month strong. I had a great session with my trainer today and plan to do a major power walk and gym session tomorrow. Then, back with the trainer again on Thursday morning.

    I threw out a bag of cookies and snack mix today. I just can't have that stuff around me or I find reasons to indulge in them. Making a chicken breast for dinner and will have that with some healthy kale slaw. It feels good to get back on track.